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22+ Interesting Finger Painting DIY Ideas for Kids and Adults

Finger painting is one of the best and creative forms of art for kids as well as adults. In infants, toddlers, or even older children, it helps to enhance sensory integration, increases fine motor skills, and develop a color sense. Adults, too, can exhibit their creativity by trying their hands at something unique like scenery, picturesque landscape, and much more. Many prefer acrylic paints for this purpose, however, you may even choose to make them at home if you decide to involve the little ones in this work of art. 

DIY Finger Painting Ideas

1. Cute DIY to Make a Duck Finger Painting

The wings have been designed with red fingertip painting, while the body is made with yellow fingertip painting. It can be done by kids as young as 2 years.

Finger Painting

2. Interesting Finger Painting Idea for Kids to Make an Autumn Tree

This would be an awesome craft for preschoolers and toddlers during the festive season. They would have a blast in decorating the tree with a plethora of colors of their choice.

Finger Painting Idea

Printing tree templates will be ideal if you plan to make worksheets for preschoolers.

Finger Painting Tree Template

3. DIY to Finger Paint a Swan-Themed Valentine’s Day Card

A personalized message on the blank space at the center would indeed be a unique idea.

DIY Finger Paint

4. A Cute and Colorful Finger Painting Craft for Kids

Making the paint at home using food colors would be an ideal option if you plan to involve kids in the process. Give your little ones the liberty to display their creative skills by allowing them to design anything under the sun at random.

Finger Painting for Kids

5. Flower Finger Painting Idea for Toddlers

To increase their eye-hand coordination, and enhance creativity, finger painting activities with toddlers would indeed be a fantastic idea. They would enjoy painting colorful flowers using their fingers.

Finger Painting for Toddlers

6. Pretty Unicorn Finger Painting Idea for Adults

The bright splashes of colors on the unicorn make it look all the more appealing. You could decorate the inside of it with sparkles and glitters.

Finger Painting for Adults

7. Finger Paint Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

Finger Paint Turkey

8. DIY Christmas Wreath Finger Painting Idea for Kids

The black bow drawn using a marker adds to the charm of this wreath. You could engage your kid to finger paint other Christmas-themed crafts like reindeer, snowflakes, and Santa Claus.

Christmas Finger Painting Idea

Draw out the shape of the tree, dab it with green and red, and write a message on it. Lo! You have a wonderful Christmas card at hand.

Finger Paint Christmas Card

9. Tree Finger Painting DIY

Tree Finger Painting

10. Tutorial to Finger Paint Easter Bunnies and Chicks

You could even draw a carrot near the bunny and finger paint it in orange.

Easter Cards Finger Painting

Your tiny tots would love to put impressions of their finger on this huge egg.

Finger Paint Easter Egg

11. Christmas Finger Painting Idea for Toddlers

The colorful design made by dipping fingers into colorful paint helps to create a wonderful Christmas light.

Christmas Finger Painting Toddlers

12. Fingerprint Bunny and Carrot Easter Craft

Draw the wiggly line using a marker, so that the carrots may be arranged uniformly.

Easter Finger Painting Craft

13. Fish Finger Painting DIY

The brown stones and green plants would give it a perfect aquarium look.

Finger Painting Fish

14. Flower Finger Painting Idea for Spring

The butterflies, ladybugs and the bright sun brings in the perfect spring feeling. You could try this with your 2 or 3-year-olds with support though, as a stint with colors would certainly work on their fine and gross motor skills.

Finger Painting Spring Flowers

While planning for spring crafts making a cherry blossom tree with pink paint would be a great idea.

Finger Painting Cherry Blossom

15. Quick and Easy Way to Finger Paint a Tile

Finger Painting Tile

16. Easy Valentine’s Day Card Finger Painting Idea for Beginners

The easiest way of making a pretty card like this one would be to draw a heart on a paper, and fill it with colors of your choice. A thoughtful message below would intensify the beauty of the card to the fullest.

Valentine Finger Paint Craft

While working with a 3, 4 or 5-year-old on a Mother’s Day project, a cute and simple card like this one with a flower drawn on it, bearing the fingerprints of the toddlers would be perfect indeed.

Finger Painting Idea for Mother’s Day

17. Reindeer Fingerprint Christmas Card DIY

Reindeer Finger Paint Card

18. Very Hungry Caterpillar Finger Painting DIY

As you tell your children the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you could get them to paint one for a fun session.

Caterpillar Finger Painting

The blend of red and green on the feathers makes it appear increasingly gorgeous.

Finger Painting Bird

19. Finger Paint Snowman Ornament Directions

Following the same instructions in the tutorial, you could make other Christmas ornaments like Santa Claus, snowflakes, and reindeer.

Finger Paint Snowman Ornament

20. Father’s Day Finger Painting Craft Idea

Father’s Day Finger Painting Idea

To keep a track of the birthdays of all the kindergartners, a hot air balloon like this one may be apt. Have all the kids put their fingerprints on it, and stick the name of every child along with their birthdays on each of the circles.

Finger Paint Birthday Card Idea

21. How to Finger Paint a Sunset Seascape

You could even paint boatmen for an authentic feel.

Finger Painting Sunset

22. Rainbow Finger Painting DIY

While teaching a toddler, the colors on a rainbow, make him or her get a practical presentation of the same.

Finger Painting Rainbow

With these tutorials at hand, you would definitely have a whale of a time finger painting any design of your choice as per the theme. Besides finger painting, you may even create interesting things through hand painting like flowers or reindeer for Christmas.

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