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21 Kissing Ball DIYs

Kissing balls can be made of real or fake foliage and flowers. They make brilliant Christmas, fall, indoor or outdoor décor. The floral ones are perfect for weddings. The faux kissing balls can be made of fabric or paper. Your guests would be bowled over with their looks and never fail to appreciate your taste in the craft. We present here a selection of tutorials that help you in creating these awesome decorations.

Diy Kissing Ball Images

1. Homemade Kissing Ball

A range of greens, twigs and a dainty ribbon are the main ingredients of this evergreen decoration. You can choose moss, eucalyptus, ivy, etc. for the pomander kissing ball.

Kissing Ball

2. Fresh Christmas Kissing Ball

You can enhance the looks of this green kissing ball with cranberries or other red berries. Holly leaves and pinecones would be apt for the season. Mini kissing balls make wonderful ornaments. A burst of lime green and mint green colors would be refreshing to the eyes.

Christmas Kissing Ball

3. Flower Kissing Ball

A wedding means a lot of happiness and love. A ball of pretty blush pink flowers can act like a mistletoe decorating the venue in a way few other things can.

Kissing Ball with Flowers

4. DIY Kissing Ball

You can have seasonal greens and flowers for this snazzy outdoor kissing ball. It would spruce up your front door during winter and fall. You can string in some fairy lights for a lighted kissing ball.

Kissing Ball DIY

5. DIY Sunflower Kissing Balls

These yellow pomander kissing balls hanging from your ceiling would take your interior décor quotient up by notches. If you find the real flowers hard to maintain, you can go for silk sunflowers.

Sunflower Kissing Balls

6. Making a Kissing Ball

How to Make a Kissing Ball

7. White Feather Kissing Ball Centerpiece Idea

Feather Kissing Ball Centerpiece Idea

8. Small Kissing Ball for Flower Girl

You can have the paper flowers in ivory and gold instead of white. You can have some of the outermost petals in green to signify leaves.

Flower Girl Kissing Ball

9. Wedding Kissing Ball Instructions

Paper kissing balls can be made in a variety of colors like rose gold, hot pink, burgundy, turquoise, navy blue, plum, purple, gold, royal blue, orange, peach, fuchsia, coral, and teal. Darker shades of purple mimicking an eggplant hue look striking. You can make the flowers from plain, crepe or tissue paper. The flower arrangement is done on a foam ball.

Kissing Balls for Wedding

10. Mistletoe Kissing Ball Decoration

A DIY mistletoe kissing ball would be an apt x-mas decoration. The greenery can be real or artificial. But we think nothing can beat the freshness of live mistletoe. Silk ones look good, though.

Mistletoe Kissing Ball

11. Large Artificial Christmas Kissing Ball

Artificial Kissing Ball for Christmas

12. Balsam and Pinecone Kissing Ball

The combination of balsam and pinecones make this holiday kissing ball gorgeous. Artificial pine stems add to its beauty.

Balsam Kissing Ball

13. Red Rose Kissing Ball Centerpiece

Kissing Ball Centerpiece

14. Kissing Ball Wedding Centerpiece

The red foam roses would make an alluring Valentine centerpiece. If you want, you can use white silk roses instead. The flowers are arranged on a Styrofoam ball. You can decorate the blooms with pearls and rhinestones for an exquisite look.

Kissing Ball for Wedding Centerpiece

15. Fresh Carnation Kissing Ball

A carnation kissing ball would make a lovely bridal bouquet. Bridesmaids would look elegant carrying them. If you opt for making fresh flower kissing ball centerpieces, you can go with daisy (Gerbera or other varieties), baby’s breath, lavender, peony, poinsettia, hydrangea, and the like. If real flowers pose a bit of a problem, you can easily go for the fake flowers.

Carnation Kissing Ball

16. Extra-large Boxwood and Ribbon Kissing Ball

This would look good in a doorway and the front porch. If live boxwood is hard to find, go for an artificial boxwood kissing ball. You can have a burlap ribbon for a rustic look. It would make an excellent pew decoration.

Boxwood and Ribbon Kissing Ball

17. Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls

Rosette Kissing Balls

18. Unique Seashell Kissing Ball

Seashell Kissing Ball

19. Succulent Kissing Ball Directions

This succulent kissing ball looks fresh and is really easy to make. It would be a great addition to your backyard.

Succulent Kissing Ball

20. Enticing Peacock Kissing Balls

Peacock Kissing Balls

21. Making a Kissing Ball without Styrofoam

Kissing Ball without Styrofoam

The pictures above are sure to make you spoilt for choice. Just choose one that appeals to you most and get started. Your house would look more green and lively with these. The floral ones score with their beauty, burst of colors and aroma.

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