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13+ Interesting Ways to Make a Knot Pillow

The knot pillow is a comfortable adornment for your couches and beds. It is a great way to reuse your leggings, tights, or other things, as they all can be used to make knot pillows. Also, the reusable materials can make such pillows as a memory pillow as well.

Knot Pillow Pictures

1. Knot Pillow for Sofa Set

The white knot pillow is suitable for your drawing room sofa set. This is an elaborate pillow that you can use for your kids room as well.

Knot Pillow

2. Knot Pillow with Sweater

If you have some sweaters that your children do not wear anymore, then it is time to transform those sweaters into colorful knot pillows. Follow the instruction and have this beautifully twisted pillow.

Knot Pillow DIY

3. How to Make a Knot Pillow for Bed

The black knot pillow is a perfect bedroom cushion for you. It is small, but soft and comfortable, just the way it is supposed to be.

How to Make a Knot Pillow

You can give it a three dimensional look by making the knot more prominent and thicker.

Black Knot Pillow

4. Big Knot Pillow: DIY

The blue pillow is soothing on eyes and soft for your tired body. Lean on it, or hold it in between your hands, while reading a storybook or having chitchats.

Large Knot Pillow

5. Large Knot Pillow: Instruction

The printed fleece pillows are ideal pieces of decorative objects. You can make such pillows for your bedroom or children’s study.

Large Knot Pillows

6. Tutorial for Knot Pillow

The infinity pillow is a simple art that you can easily be a master of. All you have to do is to tie the knot and secure it at the end. The tutorial above is simple enough for this.

How to Tie Infinity Tie Pillow

7. Knot Pillow with Leggings

If you have some unused leggings or some pairs that you will not wear anymore, then make them knot pillows. The red and gray combination of the pillow is cute and stylish.

Knot Cushion Pillow Made of Leggings

8. Tutorial for Making a Knot Tutorial with Tights

Use your tights wisely and invest your time in making them soft pillow like the following one. Go through the easy tutorial to know how to create such pillows.

DIY Knot Pillow with Tights

The same tutorial can help you make these pillows as well.

DIY Knot Pillow Tutorial

9. Knot Pillow Ball for Drawing Room

Small but not any less soft than the regular-sized knot pillows, such pillow balls are ideal for small apartment rooms.

Knot Pillow Balls

10. Pink Knotted Pillow

The knotted pillow in pink could be for your daughter’s room.

Soft Pink Knot Pillow

If you like a mellow and softer pillow, then this blush pink shade is what you need.

Floor Knot Pillow

11. Scandinavian or Celtic Knot Pillow for Your Couch

The Scandinavian knot might seem intricate but it is not that tough. Once you get the twisting method, you may make multiple.

Scandinavian or Celtic Knot Pillow Tutorial

12. Twisted Knot Pillow for Bedroom: DIY

The easy instruction will lucidly help you to have this pillow. While you are bored at the house, why not use this time to make the home even more beautiful. The best part is, your child will love to help you.

Twisted Knot Pillow: DIY

13. Crochet Knot Pillow

Crocheting is time taking and not like other tutorials in this list. This unique instruction will keep you busy for sure.

Crochet Hand Knotted Pillow

Be it your drawing room, study, or bedroom, the knot pillow can be placed anywhere. Apart from the crochet pillow, all knot pillows can be made within an hour.

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