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4+ Mandala Rock Painting Tutorials and Ideas

Mandala painting on rock needs concentration and patience. While you are worried about how to pass the time with your restless kids, just teach them the mandala pattern with dots and spiral designs all over the rock. You may improvise the design on your own.

Mandala Rock Painting Ideas Picture

1. How to Make a Mandala Rock Painting

The simple mandala pattern has been given a new twist by drawing a ladybug design. The colors used in this process are red, blue, green, and white, but you can always use other shades like red, pink, teal, and any other color of your choice.

Mandala Rock Painting

2. Spiral Mandala Rock Painting Style

The blue mandala pattern looks soothing and intricate. But if you look closely, it is a dotted pattern including small, big and differently shaped dots.

How To Paint a Mandala Rock

3. Dotted Mandala Painting Pattern

This is a simple design for beginners and a beautiful thing to learn if you are doing this for the first time. The image is an illustrative one so that you don’t have any problem.

Mandala Rock Painting for Beginners

4. Heart Mandala Painting on a Rock

The mandala pattern is nicely outlined in the shape of a heart. You can try other shapes as well and then fill the inside with a suitable design.

Heart Mandala Rock Painting

This one is also heart-shaped mandala pattern with a different design inside.

Heart Painted Mandala Rock

Ideas for Other Colorful Mandala Patterns

Here are some more creative ideas for you that you can try when you are at home. The choice of rock and colors is yours, so try innovative things.

Mandala Rock Painting Idea
Colorful Pattern for Mandala Rock Painting
Mandala Pattern on Rock
Mandala Painted Rocks Image
Mandala Rock Painting Pattern
DIY Mandala Rock Painting
Dot Mandala Rock Painting
Easily Painted Mandala Rock
Mandala Rock Painting Design
Simple Mandala Rock Painting
Multiple Mandala Rock Painting DIY

Hope the list is good enough for all of you, and the designs here given are some ideas, but there is no compulsion that your design has to be the same. Take the concept of the mandala painting from here, and then you can paint the way you wish.

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