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16 Memo Board Tutorials and Ideas

All your loose receipts, calendars and notes can be neatly pinned to a homemade memo board to keep you organized and never lose track of the deadlines of your bill payments. Just a cursory glance at the board and you are sorted. You can also hang your to-do list on these boards. They can be quilted ribbon boards that are stylish and fit in well with your interior décor.

Memo Board Ideas

1. Block Wire Mesh Memo Board

This black metal wire memo board is made with just a bit of garden mesh and some spray paint. Alternatively, you can use copper wire. It is a very simple and cheap project. It would suit an office setting where you can hang your notes with bulldog clips.

Memo Board

2. DIY Fabric Memo Board

This large grey fabric memo board is customized with inspirational quotes and photos that make it ideal for a teenager’s room. You can use linen, woven, tufted, toile, distressed and twill fabric for your family organizer memo board. Disney, emoji, unicorn and mermaid prints on the cloth make it apt for the nursery or kid’s room.

Fabric Memo Board

3. Photo Memo Board DIY

This vintage memo board is made by cutting chicken wire and stapling it to a frame. The base is made by hessian or any other suitable fabric. The rustic wooden frame is painted white for a cool farmhouse look. You can decorate with small wooden shapes that are stuck to wooden pegs. It can be used as an attractive display of postcards, party invites, paintings, photos, college memories and general paraphernalia.

Photo Memo Board

4. DIY French Memo Board Instructions

This burlap memo board has rows of twine wrapped all around it. Mini clothespins are used to hang your favorite family photos on it. You can make a light-up French memo board by surrounding the structure with LED lights. You can make a calendar memo board by pinning templates for the days of the week.

DIY Memo Board

5. Make a French Memo Board

This padded vertical French memo board is made of fiberfill, fabric and a foam board. The ribbons are hot glued to the board in a diamond grid pattern.

French Memo Board

6. DIY Magnetic Memo Board

A magnetic memo board can be made by covering a large piece of sheet metal with fabric and fixing it to an old picture frame of a similar size that has its glass and cardboard backing removed. Another idea would be to cover a copper piece with black fabric and decorate it with white craft letters, sequins and glitter for a girl’s memo board. A black and white zebra print fabric would look cute. You can use an antique mirror frame for your craft.

Magnetic Memo Board

You can follow the same technique as above to make a decorative framed cork memo board. You need just a big rectangular piece of cork that is cut to fit your frame. You can paint the cork in gold and brown stripes. Drill some holes at the bottom to make a key holder memo board.

Large Cork Memo Board

7. Pretty Ribbon Memo Board

Ribbon Memo Board

8. Wire Wall Memo Board

This mini memo notice board is made by cutting a wire grid to the desired size. If you want, you can cut it in a love heart, butterfly or owl shape for your bedroom. It is spray painted in gold. If you want, you can use rose gold, silver or white paint. It can be made to stand on your desk or hung from a wall.

Wire Memo Board

9. DIY Retro Kitchen Memo Board

This note roll wooden memo board decks up your kitchen wall and also sets reminders on a daily or weekly basis and helps in making your grocery list. You can give your kitchen a retro look by using a butcher paper roll on the board or using a slate as a memo board that children would love. You can drill a few holes at the bottom for fixing key hooks.

Kitchen Memo Board

10. Modern Metal Memo Board Wall Organiser

Metal Memo Board

11. Make Your Own French Blackboard Memo Board

In this easy project, adhesive chalkboard material is stuck to a wooden panel preventing wrinkles. You can use it to write the day’s menu, homework reminders, appointments, notes or any other important information with chalk. You can also make a black felt board to emulate the looks of this chalkboard.

Blackboard Memo Board

12. Magnetic Fridge Memo Board How-To

This memo board is nothing but a small whiteboard that is hot glued to the refrigerator with small round magnets at the four corners. You can do Hello Kitty doodles or write messages on the board.

Magnetic Fridge Memo Board

13. Cardboard DIY Memo Board

2 pieces of cardboard are joined together and attached to a floral cloth covering with thumbtacks along the edges to make this memo board. It is hung with a string or ribbon loop. If you want, you can also cover with hot pink felt for a pop of color in your room décor.

DIY Memo Board with Cardboard

14. Cookie Sheet Memo Board Idea

A metal memo board can be made from a cookie sheet that is decorated by gluing blue scrapbook paper on the exposed part. Hung by a blue ribbon, this would be loved by the boys. You can also change the color scheme by sticking cream, green, teal, turquoise, ivory, red and purple craft paper on the metal.

Cookie Sheet Memo Board

15. Shutter Memo Board Tutorial

Shutter Memo Board

16. Round Wine Cork Memo Board

Paint wine corks in pink, grey, lime green and white and glue them to a round tray to make this chic memo board. It is hung by twine. You can also use a gold ribbon.

Wine Cork Memo Board

Jazz up your memo board with funny quotes and sayings to uplift your mood. The beauty of the DIY is that it can be made simply by repurposing an old photo frame. The wall-mounted extra-large memo boards can be personalized with monograms and initials. You can make them in a Thanksgiving print paper for the holiday. You can have your weekly planner, sticky notes and lists handy on the creative boards.

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