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Painted Feathers: 10+ Innovative Ideas

Painted feathers are great for aesthetically enhancing your décor with their appealing colors. They are also quite useful for making knick-knacks like dangler earrings, headgears, dream catchers, key rings and other similar objects. So, get some original or faux feathers, take out your color boxes, and give vent to your flair for painting with the tutorials given below.

DIY Painted Feathers

1. DIY Painted Feathers

Paint your feathers with a thin base coat and attach them with a dream catcher. To give it a more subtle look, add some itsy-bitsy polka dots and stripes.

Painted Feathers

2. How to Paint Feathers

How to Paint Feathers

3. Feather Painting Tutorial

Use some gentle strokes with your brush again and again to achieve this effect. Hang them on a string and put up on your drawing room wall.

Feather Paintings

4. Feather Painting for Thanksgiving

Light shades like sky-blue and white go well on white feathers. Don’t forget to add some light brown strokes for a contrasting appearance.

Feathers Painting

5. Painting Feathers with Metallic Colors

Endow colorful feathers with interesting shimmery patterns by a designer stamp and metallic paints. Use them as bookmarks or put them in a ceramic bowl as a decorative item.

Painting Feathers

6. Painted Feather with Watercolor and Gel Pen

Painted Feathers

7. How to Paint on Feathers with Acrylic Paint

Hang these glossy feathers near a window and let the easy breezy wind give them a rhythmic blow. Choose vibrant shades like red and gold for an impressive look.

How to Paint on Feathers with Acrylic Paint

8. How to Paint on Turkey Feathers

Turkey feathers are easily available, so make some amazing paintings on them. Just follow the instruction for preparing the feathers beforehand. As far as the painting is concerned, you may follow any tutorial from the list, or make your own intricate drawings and designs.

Turkey Feather Painting

Hand Painted Turkey Feather

9. Hand Painted Faux Eagle Feathers Using Turkey Feathers

Since eagle feathers are hard to find, you can use turkey feathers and paint them with black and white to make them look pretty original.

Eagle feathers are often painted and decorated with beads and strings. If you have a cosplay party on the cards and wish to appear as a Native American, adorn your headgear with such painted feathers for an authentic look.

Painted Eagle Feathers

10. Spray Paint Feathers: How to Paint Gold Dipped Feathers

Spray Paint Feathers

Some More Ideas for Painting on Feathers

You can paint a single picture in four to five feathers and put them together for a complete look.

How to Paint on Feathers

Hand Painted Feathers

Some unique patterns on black feathers impart a Native American charm. Don’t they?

Indian Painted Feathers

Painting on Feathers

Attach the hand painted feathers with a dream catcher and hang it in front of your window.

How to Paint Feathers with Acrylic

You can also attach the painted feathers with earring hooks and flaunt them for a bohemian look.

Painted Feather Art

A wolf is a popular subject to be painted on turkey feathers. Framing such masterpieces would be a good idea.

Painted Wolf Feathers

Make your darts even more beautiful by adding some colorfully painted feathers to them.

Diy Painted Feathers

Feather Painting Tutorial

The above ideas are way too much fun to give them a miss. However, don’t forget to use your own imagination and create some outstanding pieces of art.

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