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15+ Painted Records

You can recycle old records by painting them in colors and patterns of your choice. They can be used in decorating the walls of your house to express the creative side of its dwellers. After painting, you can also scribble your favorite lines on the records. If you love poetry, you can pen down extracts from your favorite poems as well. Go through the below tutorials and images to get an idea of things to paint on your records and how to go about it.

Pictures of Painted Records

1. Tutorial for Painted Records

Once you know the steps of painting on records, you can go wild with your imagination regarding the designs. The city skyline, galaxy, and a guitar are just some ideas.

Painted Records

2. Wave Painted Vinyl Record

The beauty of a giant wave breaking in the backdrop of a star studded night has been impeccably captured in this painted record.

Painted Vinyl Record

3. Scenic Record Painting

Record Painting

4. Unique Record Painting Idea

Record Painting Idea

5. Hand Painting a Vinyl Record

What you want to paint on your record is really up to you. The video tutorial shows you the basic painting process. The pattern can be anything you like. We fancied these pretty white flowers.

Record Hand Painting

6. How to Paint Vinyl Record

How to Paint On Vinyl Record

7. Night Sky Vinyl Record Painting Idea

Vinyl Record Painting Idea

8. Idea for Painting an Old Record

Scroll down to the last project of the above-linked article to get a brilliant record painting idea. The backdrop of this scenic village is picturesque.

Idea for Painting Record

9. Exquisite Acrylic Painting on Record

Floral designs are suitable for the circular shape of a record. You can make the flower big, with several layers of petals for filling up the entire space.

Acrylic Painting on Record

Going by the same guide as above, you can tweak the design a little for displaying a lovely mandala pattern. Note that dots have been used in creating the pattern.

Painting Mandala on Vinyl Record

10. Steps for Fluid Painting on Record

Fluid Painting on Record

11. Fine Painted Vinyl Record Art

Painted Vinyl Record Art

12. Acrylic Pour Painting on a Vinyl Record

Acrylic paint pouring on records gives rise to sublime designs with colors blending into each other beautifully. The video tutorial shows you how.

Acrylic Paint Pour On Vinyl Record

13. DIY Record Painting Guide

DIY Record Painting

14. Spray Painted Vinyl Record

Spray Painted Record

15. Easy Painted Records for Wall

This project offers a great way to recycle old vinyl records. Spray paint them gold and decorate them with glitter and gems. You can have printed photos of your children as labels.

Easy Painted Records

Spray painting, acrylic pour painting are just some of the techniques that can be used in painting records. You can go with any style that you are comfortable with. Each of the above tutorials gives you an idea of what kind of paint to use for your art. That knowledge is useful when you start with your project.

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