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7 Paracord Dog Collar Patterns

A paracord dog collar keeps your dog secure while doubling up as survival gear. If you happen to break your dog collar in the middle of a long walk in the wild and can spare some paracord, you can easily make a collar for your faithful friend. They look good in bright colors like purple, pink, orange, etc. You can even have your cord in camo print for your hunter dog. We have curated a handful of tutorials and designs for you.

Paracord Dog Collar Ideas

1. Make a Paracord Dog Collar

This rainbow paracord dog collar is pretty easy to make if you are at home with your knotting and braiding techniques. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can wear this one as a bracelet.

7 Paracord Dog Collar Patterns

2. How to Make a King Cobra Paracord Dog Collar

The supplies for this red and blue large paracord dog collar are 550 paracord, D ring and a plastic or metal buckle. It is made in the king cobra weave that makes it thick and comfortable for your dog. The double cobra, king cobra or double king cobra knot makes the dog collar wide. The tutorial also includes instructions on how to make an adjustable dog collar and how to customize it for a small dog.

How to Make a Paracord Dog Collar

3. DIY Dog Collar Out Of Paracord

This three-color paracord dog collar would be the perfect accessory for your pooch this spring. It is a simple DIY that we feel would look more stunning with a red, white and blue color combination.

DIY Paracord Dog Collar

4. Step By Step DIY 6 Strand Paracord Dog Collar

6 Strand Paracord Dog Collar

5. DIY Paracord Martingale Dog Collar Instructions

DIY Paracord Martingale Dog Collar

6. Instructions for Trilobite Paracord Dog Slip Collar

This wide dog choke collar is made without a buckle. You would need paracord fids, paracord, silver O rings, scissors and a ruler for the project.

Paracord Dog Slip Collar Instructions

7. Paracord Dog Collar in Fishtail Design

You can use this nice collar to attach your dog’s id tags. The paracord weave is very strong, allowing you good control of your pet while on a walk. The fishtail weave makes a thinner collar that suits smaller dogs. You can make it out of reflective paracord to help spot your pet at night and keep him safe.

Fishtail Paracord Dog Collar

You can personalize your handmade dog collar with tags. A pink camo print dog collar would look unique on your pet, though you are free to try out other vivid colors. Making a paracord survival dog collar largely depends on your knotting, braiding and weaving skills.

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