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20 Plans to Build a Rustic Bench from Logs

A sturdy bench is one of the most versatile furniture you need either in the backyard or home for providing additional seating for guests and family members.  Using tree logs, you can build classy wooden seats without burning a hole in the pocket.  Read through to learn some economical ways to make log benches.

Rustic Bench from Logs

1. Large Log Bench for Wedding

Channelize your woodworking skills into making this distressed bench for modifying the look of the back garden. Anyone planning a rustic wedding can click on the link above.

Log Bench

2. How to Build a Rustic Log Bench

Having a magnificent bench in the backyard gives you countless reasons to relax and enjoy nature to the fullest during warm summers.

Log Bench

3. How to Construct a Log Slab Bench

The trick here is to place the pine plank on the tree stumps. Apply few strokes of paint without compromising on the wood tones.

Wood Log Bench

4. Handmade Log Bench

The tutorial may involve few vigorous steps, but that’s a minute price you need to pay for the classic furniture. Are you ready to tackle the project?

Log Bench Idea

5. Build a Cedar Log Bench with Chainsaw

Another outlandish bench to cater to your seating needs, especially when there is a big party thrown at home. The slight curve in the design is a complete standout.

Cedar Log Bench

6. Log Bench for Home

Give a polished finish to the bench by applying a coat of varnish.

Outdoor Log Bench

7. DIY Log Wooden Bench

How to Make a Log Bench

8. How to Build a Carving Bench from a Log

Those having some basic woodcarving skills would find the DIY project thrilling. What could be a better recreational activity over the weekends?

Log Bench Plan

9. Log Bench for Playground

A solid wooden bench, trampoline, and swing are some of the essentials you need to transform your backyard into a little playground for the munchkins.

Rustic Log Bench

10. Half Oak Log Bench Design

Slice off the other half of the log to build a semicircular-designed bench. Split the other into two and use them as the base.

Half Log Bench

11. Rough Cut Chainsaw Log Bench

A complete video has been provided in the tutorial to help you understand the building of a bench in steps.

Chainsaw Bench Log

12. How to Make a Long Bench from Log

The garden bench with its natural wood tone blends with the background, tempting every visitor to sit and relax for a moment.

How to Build a Log Bench

13. DIY Hand Hewn Log Bench

Amidst the greenery, sitting on a robust bench at the corner and reading a nice novel is undoubtedly a heavenly experience.

Log Bench with Back

14. How to Make a Split Log Bench

The single piece of log is being split and made into two log benches. Now, it’s left for you to arrange a fire pit in the front and plan an awesome bonfire night with friends.

Split Log Bench

15. Natural Wood Log Bench

Attaching old wagon wheels at the ends of bench adds an iconic value, especially if you are an admirer of antique beauty.

DIY Log Bench

16. Reclaimed Log Bench

Although the rustic finish of the bench looks appealing, you wouldn’t mind painting it for a striking contrast with the landscape.

Log Bench Seat

17. Classy Log Bench

If you are one of those spending majority of days standing while working on the computer, then a pine log bench is the need of the hour.

Pine Log Bench

18. Homemade Fallen Tree Log Bench

The heavy timber bench will enhance the outdoor surroundings, adding a brawny element to your garden. How about organizing a campfire on a Friday night?

Tree Log Bench

19. How to Build a Creative Log Bench Swing

Log Bench Swing

20. How to Build Modern Log Bench out of Logs

Carved Log Bench

Now you have a solution to make use of those leftover fire logs brought home year after year before the winter. Having one’s own bench in the garden provides a peaceful nook, especially when the weather outside is fair.

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