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10+ Scrunchie Holder DIYs

Scrunchies, though a go-to hair accessory, pose quite a bit of challenge in storing or organizing them. You would be happy to know that there are quite a few DIY options for designing a holder or organizer for them. They are easy on your pocket, come in a variety of looks and talk volumes about the craft aficionado in you.

Scrunchie Holder DIY Pictures

1. Make Your Own Scrunchie Holders

Wooden scrunchie holders look great on your dresser. The wooden bases are glued to wooden dowels and painted in white or black, as per your choice.

Scrunchie Holders

2. DIY Scrunchie Holder Tutorial

This DIY is pretty simple. It is made by gluing a wooden disc to a wooden dowel. Now forget your scrunchie organization woes.

DIY Scrunchie Holder

3. Neat Scrunchie Organizer

Scrunchie Organizer

4. DIY Scrunchie Holder Steps

A genius idea to keep all your hair scrunchies tidy is to stack them on a paper towel holder. Then put them for display on your dresser.

Scrunchie Holder DIY

5. Making a Scrunchie Holder

You can make a gorgeous scrunchie holder by covering an oatmeal container with fabric tape and paper. Or, make it look classy by wrapping it in black felt. The base can be a square piece of wood or a glass candle stick.

How to Make a Scrunchie Holder

6. Fun Scrunchie Holder Idea

Scrunchie Holder Idea

7. DIY Scrunchie Holder Stand

Just a few supplies and minimal tools are required to make this scrunchie holder. The handmade stand offers a great way to display and contain your hair scrunchies. You can personalize it by painting your name on it.

Scrunchie Holder Stand

8. Cute White DIY Scrunchie Holders

Cute Scrunchie Holders

9. DIY Hair Scrunchie Holder

Hair Scrunchie Holder

10. Nice Scrunchie Holder Storage

Scrunchie Holder Storage

Hanging your scrunchie hair ties from a towel ring would be a unique organizing idea. The scrunchie hair tie holder ring dazzles with its metallic build.

Scrunchie Holder Ring

You can also have cardboard rolls, all covered up with printed paper, to act as your homemade scrunchie holders. A custom scrunchie holder for a gymnast can have the word, gymnastics, painted on it. There is really no one way you can stack up or string the hair accessories that lend you cool VSCO girl looks.

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