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15 Skateboard Painting How-to’s

If you like art and are looking for unique places to showcase your talent, how about a skateboard? The below collection of tutorials tells you how to go about it along with some attractive design ideas. Also, get to know what type of paint to use on your skateboards and a few techniques of painting like the use of tape, paint splatters and swirls.

Skateboard Painting Pictures

1. DIY Skateboard Painting

There are a host of cool things that you can paint on your skateboards. Your art can be vintage or modern, boasting of a VSCO theme.

Skateboard Painting

2. Painting Skateboard Idea

Thinking of what to paint on your skateboard? Let a page from your favorite comic book act as an inspiration. After all, who doesn’t like superheroes in their lives?

Skateboard Painting Idea

3. Paint Your Own Skateboard

How to Paint a Skateboard

4. Cool Painted Skateboard Deck

Painted Skateboard Deck

5. Spray Paint a Skateboard Deck

Spray paint art dresses up a blank skateboard deck in a way few other painting techniques can. The black and white checkerboard design looks awesome.

Spray Paint Skateboard

6. Custom Painted Skateboard Deck

Custom Painted Skateboard

7. Hand Painted Skateboard Deck

The lovely turtle image has been made prominent by the use of marker pens. You can display this bright skateboard as a décor item.

Hand Painted Skateboard

8. Instructions for Painting on Skateboard

For your skateboard painting, you can use a design cut out or a stencil of your choice. A snake or dragon pattern would be a good idea.

Painting on Skateboard

9. Painting a Skateboard with Acrylic

Acrylic paint looks gorgeous on your skateboard. Instead of a picture, you can paint a warm message, nicely decorated, on the piece of wood. The painting uses grip tape.

Paint a Skateboard with Acrylic

10. Fun Things to Paint on a Skateboard

Things to Paint on a Skateboard

11. Unique Skateboard Grip Paint

Skateboard Grip Paint

12. Painting the Bottom of a Skateboard

Painting Bottom of Skateboard

13. Swirl Paint on Skateboard

Swirl Paint Skateboard

14. Easy To Do Skateboard Paint Design

This pattern has a professional look to it. You can alter the design according to your taste. A video, along with the written instructions, helps you in your efforts to learn.

Easy Skateboard Paint Design

15. Skateboard Paint Splatter

Paint Splatter on Skateboard

Painted skateboard art would satiate your painting cravings and allow you to spend your free time creatively. Once you are done with the painting, you can hang them on walls or put them on display to let people appreciate your art and to beautify your interiors.

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