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36 Tutorials for Weaving a Basket out of Newspaper

Revered as it is, the intricate art of basket making can be quite the time-consuming little craft. However, if you have an enormous stash of old newspapers lying around to be disposed of, why not settle for the simpler, cheaper, and more versatile cousin of wicker baskets- newspaper baskets! Read on to find out how to make a newspaper basket by weaving, as well as folding and origami.

Weaving Baskets From Newspaper

1. DIY Newspaper Basket

Learn the weaving technique from the tutorial below, and keep at it until you get the desired height, width and breadth. You can use the basket for multiple purposes depending on its durability and size.

Newspaper Basket

2. Newspaper Fruit Basket Tutorial

Make a firm, tapered, round newspaper basket for your dinner table to stock fruits. To get the design of a strawberry newspaper basket, paint it in red and yellow along with a green leaf-shaped top.

Newspaper Fruit Basket

3. Instructions to Weave Round Newspaper Baskets

You can invert the newspaper containers to use them as lampshades or hanging lamps.

Newspaper Baskets

4. How to Make a Basket from Recycled Newspaper

Instead of making a basket with an even brim, go for a zig-zag pattern to create a modern look.

Make a Basket from Newspaper

5. How to Weave a Newspaper Roll Basket

If you are ‘weaving’ a newspaper roll container, paint it in shades of brown to make it look like an authentic wicker basket.

Newspaper Roll Basket

6. Newspaper Basket Instructions

Line the basket with cute wrapping paper for storing magazines and books in it. Create a bow out of the wrapping paper and attach it to the side.

Newspaper Basket Weaving Instructions

7. How to Make a Rolled Newspaper Basket

Make a highly unique bowl using glue and discs of coiled newspaper strips, like the one below.

Rolled Newspaper Basket

8. How to Make a Newspaper Basket with Top

Place layers of paper strips together as shown in the tutorial to make a newspaper container alongside the basket top with a knob.

Newspaper Basket with Top

9. An Interesting Idea for Crafts with Newspaper Baskets

Stack newspaper rolls in a row as shown below and coat them using brown paint to give it the appearance of a bamboo basket.

Newspaper Basket Craft

10. Tutorial on weaving a Basket Out of Newspaper

For a glossy look, paint it with a few layers of varnish or go for colorful magazine paper strips instead.

Weaving a Basket out of Newspaper

11. How to Make Colorful Newspaper Baskets

This is an affordable way to make a newspaper bicycle basket with handles in any color of your choice.

Newspaper Basket Design

12. How to Make a Laundry Basket out of Old Newspapers

Use the same technique to make a bigger, sturdier newspaper basket to stuff in all your laundry.

Newspaper Laundry Basket

13. Step by Step DIY for a Newspaper Basket

Utilize thinly rolled paper tubes to make a shallow, small newspaper basket for storing flowers or pinecones, and use it as a centerpiece.

How to Make Newspaper Basket

14. How to Make a Coiled Newspaper Basket

Roll the newspaper and tie the rolls to each other tightly to make it robust enough to hold heavy things like bed sheets and pillow covers.

Newspaper Coil Basket

15. How to Decorate a Newspaper Basket

Use color combinations like black, golden and silver or turquoise, purple and electric blue. Finish it off with a coat or two of varnish to seal in the color and give it a dazzling effect.

Newspaper Basket Decoration

16. Directions for Weaving a Square Newspaper Basket

Place a soft cloth over a shallow and flat folded newspaper basket with a strong cardboard base and turn it into a temporary bed for your cat or puppy. Paint it with eco-friendly materials and lock the color with some lacquer.

Newspaper Basket Weaving

17. Process of Making a Newspaper Basket for Easter

After you finish painting your Easter eggs and basket, stuff it with shredded colorful paper and place the colored eggs on it for a newspaper Easter basket.

Newspaper Easter Basket

18. Handmade Newspaper Basket with Handle

Cover your basket up by sticking colorful paper on it and its handle. Tie a small satin ribbon on the handle to embellish it further.

Making Baskets out of Newspaper

19. How to Make Newspaper Basket At Home

 Secure the handles properly so that it doesn’t come off while carrying the basket.

How to Make Baskets with Newspaper

20. How to Make Newspaper Egg Baskets

Stuff your newspaper vessel with hay followed by your Easter eggs and voila! You have an adorable Easter Eggs Basket.

How to Make Baskets from Newspaper

21. Instruction to Make a Basket from Recycled Newspapers

You can use your newspaper basket as a little pen holder or store any other kind of stationary in it.

Recycled Newspaper Basket

22. Easy Newspaper Basket Weaving Directions

Decorate your newspaper basket with ribbons or border it using a colored cloth for a charming appeal.

Basket Made out of Newspaper

23. Homemade Newspaper Basket

If you have birds at home, then transform your newspaper basket into a makeshift nursery by filling it up with hay and place it inside the bird cage.

How to Make a Basket out of Newspaper

24. How to Do a Newspaper Basket on Your Own

Once you construct your basket, a lovely idea would be to apply golden acrylic color on it before attaching colorful rhinestones on the outer surface and keep it as a decorative piece for the living room.

How to Make a Basket from Newspaper

25. Newspaper Storage Basket Making Pattern

Try painting it with a light color, followed by glue and then sprinkle it with glitter dust. You can also attach stickers of Barbies or G. I. Joes on the surface if you have kids at home.

Newspaper Storage Basket

26. How to Make a Rectangular Newspaper Basket

To store your makeup accessories, a simple, rectangular newspaper basket would suffice to accommodate all your stuff. Alternate the newspaper with paper strips of other colors for a simple yet unique container.

Basket Weaving with Newspaper

27. Tutorial to Make a Unique Newspaper Basket

A stable and durable newspaper box calls for a cardboard box cut-out base. Spray paint it with red and green colors and stuff it with enticing goodies for an amazing Christmas present.

Basket Made From Newspaper

28. Newspaper Waste Basket Making Procedure

The procedure would be the same though the magazines can be replaced by newspaper strips. For increased durability, waterproof your waste basket after making it by using materials such as wax, paraffin, shellac, or even alum.

Newspaper Waste Basket

29. Tutorial on Making a Newspaper Woven Basket

Paint each newspaper roll with a different shade to make a colorful basket for toys and store it in your kids’ room.

Newspaper Woven Basket

30. DIY Project to Make a Newspaper Flower Basket

Make a sturdy and layered newspaper basket to keep your flowers. Paint it in brown to give it a rustic, muddy look.

Newspaper Flower Basket

31. How to Weave Newspaper Baskets

Go through this pictorial tutorial to learn how to make a petite newspaper basket in the criss-cross pattern. This would serve as a fantastic storage box for your earrings, key rings, and other stuff which otherwise remain scattered all over the place.

Weaving Newspaper Baskets

32. Tutorial on How to Weave a Basket with Recycled Newspaper

Use the cane technique to make a big and sturdy basket out of old newspapers.

Woven Newspaper Basket

33. Easy Steps to Make Small Paper Baskets Using Newspaper

How to Make Newspaper Baskets

You can also prefer making a big basket and divide it into two compartments with a newspaper wall as shown in the image below.

Newspaper Basket with Compartments

34. How to Weave a Newspaper Basket

This project involves cutting and folding strips of newspaper and then weaving them together to create this useful newspaper bin for your home.

Basket from Newspaper

Basket from Newspaper

35. Procedure for Making a Newspaper Basket Using Origami

During your kids’ summer break you can involve them in folding newspapers to make these cute baskets out of it.

Newspaper Basket Origami

36. How to Make a Newspaper Basket by Quilling

Newspaper Quilling Basket

Making of newspaper baskets has its own benefits- not only do you get to let your creative juices flow, you also get to recycle old newspapers while making something genuinely useful or even decorative for your home. It’s a win-win situation for all! When done right, it can turn out to be a rather productive and recreational activity to indulge in.

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