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11 Tutorials to Build a Log Coffee Table

For a vintage décor of your home, homemade wooden log coffee tables make perfect furniture. While they give you an opportunity to become crafty without the slightest pocket pinch, the recycled logs lend a rustic appeal as well. Delve into the following instructions to become a pro at making a log coffee table.

Log Coffee Table DIY

1. DIY Log Coffee Table

A small round coffee table serves as a beautiful side table. Put a flower vase or a decorative urn on it.

Log Coffee Table

2. Log Coffee Tables Instruction

Wooden logs coupled with chair legs make trendy coffee tables. Paint the logs for an interesting look.

Log Coffee Tables

3. Wood Log Coffee Table with Wheels

A low flat coffee table with a glass top and wheels is convenient for using in small apartments as you may shift it whenever you need some space.

Wood Log Coffee Table

4. Coffee cum Side Table

A flowering pot adorning a simple log table could be yours too! All you have to do is to follow the given tutorial.

Block Log Coffee Table

5. Sliced Log Coffee Table

How depressing is it to wake up on every Monday? Well, the scenario may change if you have a bucolic side table beside your bed with a hot cup of coffee.

Sliced Log Coffee Table

6. Rustic Log Coffee Table Tutorial

Simple yet exotic, for making this coffee table you should invest your energy and attention to minute details of the instruction.

Rustic Log Coffee Table

7. Birch Log Coffee Table: Do It Yourself

A wonderful birch coffee table on your drawing room rugs looks elegant if both of their shades match together.

Birch Log Coffee Table

8. Log Cabin Coffee Table

The following coffee table is some thick and wide wooden slices put together.

Log Cabin Coffee Table

9. Half-Log Coffee Table

Besides your sofa or couch, a half-log coffee table would be real nice.

Half-Log Coffee Table

10. Tree Log Coffee Table

DIY Tree Log End Coffee Table

11. Log Coffee Table Plan

Log Coffee Table Plan

You may choose any particular design from these tutorials for making a coffee table out of a log as all of them are unique in their own way. Go through all and make your informed decision.

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