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49 Tutorials to Make Rainbow Loom Charms

Rainbow loom charms are easy to make and look cute on your backpacks, keychains, bracelets, etc. The wide collection of charms featured in this article is based on animals, comic characters, food, dresses and articles of daily use. We have mainly included video tutorials for ease of understanding.

Rainbow Loom Charm Ideas

1. How to Make Super Easy Rainbow Loom Pencil Charms

Add a splash of color to your pencils by making these colorful pom poms out of loom bands. They could well be the coolest pencil toppers you could lay your hands on.

Rainbow Loom Charms

2. Easy Rainbow Loom Fish Charms

Mini fish look super cute as charms. You just need colorful loom bands and a rainbow loom for this project. If you have orange loom bands, you could add a goldfish to your kitty. The video instructions are pretty straightforward.

Easy Rainbow Loom Charms

3. Simple Turtle Charms on the Rainbow Loom

The tutorial offers a brilliant option to keep kids engaged for hours. The peace-loving turtles have been styled in bright colors to look eye-catchy.

How to Make Rainbow Loom Charms

4. 3D Food Rainbow Loom Charms

Kids will be delighted to receive these candy charms as gifts. Those with a sweet tooth would love to flaunt them.

Rainbow Loom Food Charms

5. Easy Rainbow Loom Daisy Charms

The pretty daisy is the subject of this tutorial. Girls would love the red blooms on their ornaments. They can be made fast so that you have a bunch in just a little time.

Rainbow Loom Easy Charms

6. How Do You Make a Rainbow Loom Charm

This pink charm can be used for the important social cause, breast cancer awareness. Just flaunt it people will get the message.

Rainbow Loom Charm

7. Rainbow Loom Animals as Easy Charms

Animal lovers would love to make a hippo, thanks to the above-linked video tutorial. You can make an animal charms collection by going through the tutorials on the other rubber band loom animals listed on this page.

Rainbow Loom Animal Charms

8. Really Cool Rainbow Loom Band Bird Charm Design

Really Cool Rainbow Loom Band Bird Charm

9. Easy but Cool Rainbow Loom Bow Tie Charm Tutorial

Easy but Cool Rainbow Loom Bow Tie Charm

10. Rainbow Loom Minecraft Charms in Green

Show off the Minecraft fan in you by wearing these green charms. You can also gift them to the video game enthusiasts.

Rainbow Loom Minecraft Charms

11. Rainbow Loom Penguin Charm in Small Size

The characteristic bird of the poles looks lovely in black, white and orange loom bands. The small size makes it apt to be used as a charm.

Small Rainbow Loom Penguin Charm

12. Rainbow Loom a Mustache Charm

This one is for the men. The mustache, regarded as a fine sign of masculinity, is created through this tutorial, albeit in charm form.

Rainbow Loom Mustache Charm

13. Rainbow Loom Pumpkin Halloween Charm

Halloween Rainbow Loom Pumpkin Charm

14. Easy Rainbow Loom Candy Cane Charms for Christmas

Candy cane charms can add a new dimension to your Christmas decorations. Go looming with orange and white bands and be amazed at the results.

Rainbow Loom Candy Cane Christmas Charms Easy

15. Boy (People) Rainbow Loom Charm

Boy/People Charm on Rainbow Loom

16. Really Easy Pineapple Fruit Rainbow Loom Charms

If you love fruits or are a health conscious person, you would swear by pineapples. It goes without saying that you would lap up the linked video guide.

Rainbow Loom Pineapple Fruit Charms

17. Lovely Rainbow Loom Owl Charms

Rainbow Loom Owl Charms

18. Idea for Rainbow Loom Cake Charms

Make these for a birthday boy or girl and catch the twinkle in his/her eyes. Don’t they look absolutely yum! Ready for the cakewalk, err, walk-through?

Rainbow Loom Cake Charms

19. Yellow Pokemon Pikachu Charm on Rainbow Loom

This one is dedicated to Pokemon fans. You can use it as a pencil topper. Just pay attention to the length of its limbs.

Rainbow Loom Pokemon Pikachu Charm

20. DIY Rainbow Loom Minion Charm

Minion Rainbow Loom Charm

21. Easy Instructions for Beaded Flower Charm on Rainbow Loom

The beads add volume and dimension to the blossom. Make a group of them in different colors and string them in a bracelet if you wish.

Rainbow Loom Beaded Flower Charm Easy Instructions

22. Cool Rainbow Loom Unicorn Charm Pattern

If you like mythological characters, this unicorn charm is for you. You can turn it into a horse by giving the horns a miss and replacing the white loom bands with brown.

Cool Unicorn Charm Rainbow Loom

23. Colorful Rainbow Loom Cross Charms

Invoke your spiritual and religious spirit by making these cross charms. They can be made in a multitude of colors and are minimalistic.

Rainbow Loom Cross Charms

24. Rainbow Loom Cat (Kitty) Charm

Cat Kitty Charm Rainbow Loom

25. Rainbow Loom Puppy (Dog) Charm

Puppy/Dog Rainbow Loom Charm

26. Rainbow Loom Star Charm Idea

This pretty white and gray star would look great as a Christmas ornament. Make a handful of them to decorate your Christmas tree. You could also use the pattern for making snowflake charms.

Rainbow Loom Star Charm

27. Rainbow Loom Mickey Mouse Charm

Mickey Mouse Charm Rainbow Loom

28. Cow Charm for Rainbow Loom

Cow Charm Rainbow Loom

29. 3D Rainbow Loom Football (Sports) Charm

3D Rainbow Loom Football Sports Charm

30. Cute Rainbow Loom Baby Girl Charms

Rainbow Loom Baby Girl Charms

31. Easy Rainbow Loom Chicken Charm for Beginners

Rainbow Loom Chicken Charm for Beginners

32. Interesting Rainbow Loom Snake Charm

Rainbow Loom Snake Charm

33. How to Make a Tiger Charm Out Of a Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom Tiger Charm

34. Cute Pink Rainbow Loom Dress Charm

Cute Rainbow Loom Dress Charm

35. Fun Rainbow Loom Elephant Charm Pattern

Fun Rainbow Loom Elephant Charm

36. Best Rainbow Loom Thanksgiving Turkey Charm

Best Rainbow Loom Thanksgiving Charm

37. Mathematical Rainbow Loom Infinity Charm

Rainbow Loom Infinity Charm

38. Awesome Rainbow Loom Ice Cream Cone Summer Charm

Rainbow Loom Ice Cream Cone Summer Charm

39. Minnie Mouse Rainbow Loom Charm

Minnie Mouse Charm Rainbow Loom

40. Tiny Rainbow Loom Pig Charm

Rainbow Loom Pig Charm

41. Quaint Panda Bear Rainbow Loom Charm

Panda Bear Rainbow Loom Charm

42. Chic Rainbow Loom Purse Charm

If you are a bag lover, you would go for this one. You can add buttons for a hint of detail. The flap looks good in a shade different from the rest of the body of the purse.

Rainbow Loom Purse Charm

43. Neat American Flag Rainbow Loom Charm

This charm will speak volumes about your patriotism. It is perfect for Independence Day. It looks sober in red and blue. Note the star detailing.

Rainbow Loom American Flag Charm

44. Rainbow Loom Friendship Heart Charms

You can gift this to your Valentine to convey a message of love. They would also look good on friendship bracelets.

Rainbow Loom Heart Friendship Charms

45. Red Rainbow Loom Dragon Charm

Rainbow Loom Dragon Charm

46. Creative Rainbow Loom Music Charm

Rainbow Loom Music Charm

47. S Charm on a Rainbow Loom

Persons who have their names starting with S would find this charm handy. It is 2 dimensional and quite simple to make.

Rainbow Loom S Charm

48. Superb Rainbow Loom Monkey Charm

Rainbow Loom Monkey Charm

49. How to Do Rainbow Loom Christmas Tree Charms

Rainbow Loom Christmas Tree Charms

You can make the charms for your best friend. She would remember you every time she wears or uses them. You can experiment with the colors as per your choice. You can use the above guides as inspirations to create many more charms of different patterns.

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