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24+ Unique DIYs to Make a Kite

If flying kites is one of the favorite pastimes you and your family dote on, then learning how to make colorful and bright ones at home may surely be on your priority list. Most kites are diamond-shaped, made of newspaper or tissue paper, though there may be variations. The following DIYs would give you an insight on how to make a kite at home.

DIYs to Make a Kite

1. How to Make a Kite at Home with Newspaper

Adding colorful satin ribbons would make for a fantastic tail for your newspaper kite.

How to Make a Kite

2. Easy DIY to Make a Kite with Tissue Paper

Be at your creative best while adding innovative designs to the front of your kite.

How to Make a Paper Kite

3. DIY Homemade Kite

The bamboo plant would serve as a great spar, providing a firm base to your kite.

DIY Homemade Kite

4. Easy Instructions to Make a Box Kite

These box kites are unique to make, though designing them could be a little tedious.

Box Kite DIY

5. Simple DIY to Make a Diamond Kite

DIY Diamond Kite

6. Simple Way  to Make a Delta Kite

This kite has plastic bags as its base, and the long tail absolutely complements the delta-shaped kite.

How to Make a Delta Kite

7. Fun Mini Paper Kites for Kids DIY

The small colorful kites would be something your kids will definitely enjoy.

How to Make a Kite for Kids

8. How to Make a Kite Out of a Plastic Bag

Arranging the sticks in shape, tracing the outline on a plastic bag and adding a tail to it would help in making a pretty plastic bag kite.

How to Make a Kite Out of a Plastic Bag

9. How Do You Make a Kite with Newspaper Paper and Sticks

You may color the kite and add decorations to it.

Kite with Paper and Sticks

10. Easy DIY to Make an Eagle Bird with Platic Bags Kite at Home

Attaching a long satin ribbon would add brightness to the eagle.

How to Make a Bird Kite at Home

11. DIY to Make a 3D Tetrahedral Kite

The pyramid structure gives the kite a 3D effect.

How to Make a 3D Kite

12. Bamboo Traditional Kite DIY

How to Make a Bamboo Kite

13. Paper Kites for Kids Without Sticks DIY

You could also add exciting designs to the kite to enhance its brightness. 

How to Make a Kite without Sticks

14. DIY to Make a Fabric Kite

If you have upcycled fabrics, then design it into a fabulous kite.

How to Make a Fabric Kite

15. Homemade Paper Kite for Preschoolers

You could go for a Santa Claus or snowflake design if making it for Christmas.

How to Make a Paper Kite for Preschoolers

16. HandmadeBat Kite Instructions

If making it for Halloween then you could make the kite black in color with white horns.

How to Make a Bat Shaped Kite

17. Pretty Heart Kite for Valentine’s Day

You could also cut red tissue or craft paper accordingly into a heart to make a heart-shaped kite.

How to Make a Heart Kite

18. How to Make a Hexagonal Kite

How to Make a Hexagon Kite

19. Jelly Fish Kite Tutorial

This DIY would help in making a jellyfish kite, though, for the top, the round part may be replaced with a diamond shape to replicate a kite.

How to Make a Jelly Fish Kite

20. Directions to Make a Flying Origami Kite

How to Make an Origami Kite That Flies

21. How to Make a Small Kite Out of Recycled Mailers

For a pocket-sized kite, you would need to make one of a smaller size.

How to Make a Pocket Kite

22. DIY to Design a Prism Kite

How to Make a Prism Kite

23. Step by Step Instructions to Make a Rokkaku Kite

This tutorial would be of great aid to beginners, helping them design a six-cornered or rokaku kite. The light plastic bag would help in accommodating the shape given in the template.

How to Make a Rokkaku Kite

24. DIY to Make Sled Kite

If you are looking for a kite that would fly consistently even in extreme weather conditions, then the sled kite would be a perfect choice.

How to Make a Sled Kite

These excellent ideas would certainly help you in making kites of diverse designs. If planning to make one for a part of your kid’s project or just for fun then a simple paper kite with innovative decorations would do. However, in case, you want your kite to soar high then a sled or delta kite would be a perfect choice.

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