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14 Unique DIYs to Make a Mouse Pad

You may have had enough of the regular mouse pads made of rubber or leather, and might be eager to make some innovative ones at home. Then, what are you waiting for, put your creative skills into action, and get set to try your hands at some amazing handmade designs. A corkboard, cardboard, or even leather may serve as the base. Customize as per your choice by decorating it with fabric, vinyl, rubber, and so on. An old, worn-out mouse might also be given a new look by embellishing it well. Check the tutorials that follow to make pretty handmade mouse pads.

DIY Mouse Pad Pictures

1. DIY to Make a Personalized Mouse Pad

Using acrylic paint and stencil, you may choose to write whatever you want on the mouse pad. 

DIY Mouse Pad

2. Tutorial to Make a Cute Fabric Mouse Pad

In this one, there has been a deviation from the regular round or square designs. If you do not want to make a mouse pad from scratch, get one from the market and decorate with a showy fabric as per your choice.

DIY Fabric Mouse Pad

3. DIY for a Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Gaming mousepads are a little bigger than the ones used for desktops or laptops. One can make it using foam board and wrap it in a decorative fabric.

DIY Gaming Mouse Pad

4. DIY to Make a Wrist Rest Mouse Mat

You could use rice or any other filler material for this wrist rest. You could also rest your mouse on it when not at work.

DIY Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

5. DIY LED Mouse Pad

DIY LED Mouse Pad

6. Instructions for a Double-Sided Mouse Pad

You could make this pretty mouse whose both sides would be of equal use to you. If making one for a Christmas gift, etch stars on one side, and write “Merry Christmas” on the other.

Easy DIY Mouse Pad

7. How to Make a Hard Mouse Pad with a Cork Board

This rainbow mouse pad adds a dash of color to your workspace. You can easily make it at home with a corkboard that has thin strips of different colors painted on it.

DIY Hard Mouse Pad

8. How to Make a Computer Mouse Pad with Fabric and Foam

DIY Computer Mouse Pad

9. DIY to Make a Sophisticated Mouse Pad for Your Office

This classy mouse would be a perfect gift item for any special occasion.

DIY Leather Mouse Pad

10. How to Make a Monstera Leaf Pattern Mouse Pad

The leaf-patterned fabric gives it a soothing appeal.

How to Make a Mouse Pad

11. Making Your Own Mouse Pad with Modern Design

You may glue a photo of yours on the mouse pad for a personalized touch.

How to Make Your Own Mouse Pad

12. DIY Contact Paper Mouse Pad

Go for a colorfully designed paper or draw something of your choice to make your mouse pad appear attractive.

How to Make a Mouse Pad Out of Paper

13. DIY Gold Painted Upgraded Mouse Pad

Re modeling an upcycled mouse pad with paper and gold spray paint just as the one shown in the tutorial would indeed be a unique idea.

DIY Gold Mouse Pad

14. Cardboard Mouse Pad Tutorial

DIY Cardboard Mouse Pad

These amazing tutorials would come to aid when you think about designing a handmade mouse pad for your computer table or gaming station. You could go for a medium-sized, large, or extra-large one depending on your requirements.

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