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13 + Unique DIYs to Make Felted Soap

Felted soap is mostly made with a soap bar wrapped in woolen strands, the purpose for the same being to give it longevity, helping the slippery ones to stay for a higher duration. The gentle texture of the wool makes it an excellent replacement for a bath pouf or even a washcloth. Check out the exciting tutorials that follow to know how to make felted soap at home.

DIY Felted Soap Pictures

1. DIY Circular Felted Soap

Round-shaped soaps would be easier to cover with wool than the rectangular ones (particularly the sides), especially if you are working with kids.

Felted Soap

2. How to Make a Felted Soap Bar

The wrapping process is the most crucial, and if the soap is seen even through the thinnest spot, it could mar the purpose and appearance.

Felted Soap Bar

3. Cute Felted Soap Bar Tutorial

After felting the soap, keep it undisturbed for a day or two, after which it can be used or gifted. If giving is as a present, wrap them in colorful ribbons.

How to Make Felted Soap

4. Luxurious Felted Soap DIY

The criss-cross design made on top with the wool gives it an appealing look indeed.

Felted Soap DIY

5. How to Felt Colorful Soaps

Tie twine around it with a small pine cone or handmade snowflake fixed on top if planning to give it as a Christmas gift.

How to Felt Soap

6. Instructions to Make a Woolen Felted Soap

If planning this as a Christmas gift, you could make a Christmas tree with green yarn.

How to Make a Felted Wool Soap

Taking a cue from the above tutorial, you could also design a winter scene, as shown in the picture below for Christmas with added yarn.

Christmas Felted Soap

7. Tutorial to Make a Needle Felted Soap

After felting the soap, you may choose to needle the design of your choice. Make sure while you are doing it, the needle does not go deep into the soap.

Needle Felted Soap Tutorial

Following the needling technique, you could make another enticing soap like this one with an elf pattern. The rest of the process would be the same, where you have to wrap the soap in wool.

8. Simple Directions to Make Felted Soap

Felt Soap Directions

9. Flat Felted Handmade Soap DIY

Embellish with scraps of yarns or fabric if you desire to give your felted soap a decorative appearance.

Soap Wrapped in Felted Wool

10. DIY for a Homemade Heart-shaped Felt Covered Soap

Choose a combination of red and pink, if planning it as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Heart Felt Soaps

Just as you have made the soap in the shape of a heart, you would have to design it in an oval shape to replicate an egg, mainly if the gift is for Easter. Add extra felt for a criss-cross pattern on it.

Easter Felted Soap

11.Cute Monster Felted Soap Design  DIY

After you have made the body, use the needle felting technique for the monster and design at your liberty.

Monster Felted Soap

12. Instructions to Make a Handmade Sheep Felted Soap

Sheep Felted Soap

13. How to Make a Wet Felted Soap Using a Tumble Dryer

Wet Felted Soap

With the help of these tutorials making a felted soap would not be too difficult a task. For wet felting, dishwasher soap bars or flakes stand ideal. When it comes to yarn, those with 100% wool or even other animal fiber like mohair, alpaca, llama, and angora suit better.

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