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7 Unique Ways to Build a Picture Frame from Old Doors

If you have an  old, worn out French or glass doors lying aimlessly in you store room, consider using them to make a host of attractive picture frames where you can lock your memories forever. Let the following tutorials be your guide in helping you to make a host of attractive picture frames.

Old Door Pictures Frame

DIY Wall Mounted Photo Frame with French Doors

This huge photo frame with pics of your kith and kin would marvelously adorn the walls.

Door Picture Frame

Old French Door Picture Frame DIY

The hooks fixed to the picture frame make it serve as a coat hanger too.

Old Door Picture Frame

Old Door Used as a Picture Frame: How-To

Its distressed look further enhances its charm.

Picture Frame Door

How to Build a Picture Frame Out of an Old Cabinet Door

Your small cabinet door can also be restructured to make a beautiful picture frame as this done.

Picture Frame from Old Door

Rustic Door Used As a Photo Frame: DIY

By taking a cue of the idea provided in the link you can design an enticing picture frame like this one.

DIY Door Picture Frame

Interesting Door Photo Frame Project

The wonderful wreath tied around the door frame intensifies its charm.

Door Photo Frame

Turning an Old Door into a Picture Frame

Old Door Into a Picture Frame

Hence, with these stylish designs at hand, designing a cool picture frame with the upcycled doors or even window panes would be no mammoth task.

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