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15 Interesting Ways to Make Rainbow Loom Animals

Rainbow looms have always provided crafters the scope of putting their creative skills into actions. You could make a whole lot of things using it like elegant pieces of jewelry such as bracelets and earrings, attractive charms, as well as cute animals, birds, and insects. Following the tutorial below you would get an idea on how to make rainbow loom animals which can be used as pencil toppers, put on keychains or even given away as tokens.

Rainbow Loom Animal DIY Pictures

1. Rainbow Loom Animals DIY

The googly eyes give the octopus a unique appearance.

Rainbow Loom Animal

2. How to Make a Cute Rainbow Loom Elephant Charm Animal

The floppy ears intensify the cuteness of the elephant.

How to Make a Rainbow Animal

3. Easy Ways to Make a Rainbow Loom Butterflies for Beginners

The pink and green loom colors on the butterfly are simply amazing. You could add beads to decorate it further.

Rainbow Loom Animals Easy

4. Rainbow Loom Chameleon Charm Tutorial

Rainbow Loom Charm Animals

5. Easy Way to Make a Rainbow Loom Puppy and Dog Charm

Besides the body, a long fluffy tail can also be designed.

Rainbow Loom Dog Charms

6. Rainbow Loom Charms 3D Bunny

These fantastic bunnies would be a perfect craft for Easter. The bunnies could be made to sit inside a pink paper basket.

Rainbow Loom 3D Animals

7. Rainbow Loom 3D Animal Charm DIY

Rainbow Loom Animal 3D

8. How to Make a Rainbow Loom 3D Stuffed Panda

A rectangular loom used in this process makes your job easier.

How to Make 3D Rainbow Animal

9. Rainbow Loom Wolf AnimalPattern DIY

Rainbow Loom Animal Pattern

10. Rainbow Loom Turtle Tutorial DIY

The cool color combination used in designing the turtle makes it look even more vibrant.

Rainbow Loom Animals Turtle

11. How to Make a Rainbow Loom Owl Animal By Hand

Keeping an owl charm near your vicinity would certainly bring in good luck. The white and grey combinations add to it serenity.

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Animal By Hand

12. Rainbow Loom Life Size Animals DIY

Poodles are known for their intelligence and cuteness. Keep a replica of these large faux ones in your home if you really had desired a real dog but was unable to get the same.

Rainbow Loom Life Size Animals

13. DIY Rainbow Loom Jack Russell Pencil Topper DIY

Design a host of rainbow animals as pencil toppers so that your little ones would be entertained while writing. They can also serve as return gifts for your kiddos’ birthday party.

Animal Pencil Toppers Rainbow Loom

14. Rainbow Loom Whale DIY

Rainbow Loom Sea Animal

15. Cool Rainbow Loom Peacock Charm Tutorial

Adding jewels and beads to the wings would intensify its beauty to the fullest.

Rainbow Loom Peacock Animal

Besides these amazing animals, you could also make charms and even a host of pretty jewelry like bracelets using a rainbow loom.

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