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18 Ways to Build a Wood Toy Box

A toy box is a convenient storage unit to stuff your kid’s playing items. If you are someone having a fetish for woodworking projects, building a toy box should be fun and feasible. Here are some ideas that will help you with your DIY endeavors.

Wood Toy Box Ideas Pictures

1. Build a Wood Toy Box

Reclaimed wood can be transformed into a wonderful toy storage box if you can go by the tutorial.

Wood Toy Box

2. Unfinished Crate Wood Toy Box

Not all toy boxes should have a cover. You can make a crate-style one and give it a neat finish.

Unfinished Wood Toy Box

3. Make a Solid Wood Toy Box

Gift something special for your little one building a striking wood box for storing all his favorite toys, indoor games, and sports equipments.

Solid Wood Toy Box

4. DIY Wood Toy Box Plan

Wood Toy Box Plans

5. How to Build a White Wood Toy Box

You can either leave the box unfinished or add few coats of paint to increase its aesthetic value.

White Wood Toy Box

6. Making a Toy Box with Wood

The toy box carries a heart that tries to express your love for your child. Most importantly, this sturdy storage unit is an asset.

Toy Box Wood

7. Make a Large Wood Toy Box

A must-have in every kiddo’s nursery, the wood toy box can be given a smooth finish to make it look attractive.

Large Wood Toy Box

8. DIY Wood Toy Box Bench

Wood Toy Box Bench

9. Making a Toy Box Out of Wood: Step-By-Step

Nobody will believe you building this eye-catching wood toy box. Share your plan to prove your hard efforts.

Make a Toy Box Out Of Wood

10. Child Bench Wood Toy Box- DIY

You can play with colors once you have made the toy box to lend it a contrasting effect.

Child Bench Wood Toy Box

11. Build a Simple Wood Toy Box

Engage your little girl in your woodworking activity by letting her add few coats of her favorite paint.

How to Build a Wood Toy Box

12. Building a Cheap Wood Toy Box

Here is a toy box with a brilliant design and a unique system to play some indoor games.

Cheap Wood Toy Box

13. Solid Wood Toy Box Bench Tutorial

Doesn’t the box remind you of those childhood pirates’ stories? Give a twist to your kid’s room by opting for this one.

Solid Wood Toy Box Bench

14. Make a Cherry Wood Toy Box

Cherry Wood Toy Box

15. Real Wood Toy Box for Kids

This is a box cum bench to serve a dual purpose as well as help you save space in your house.

Real Wood Toy Box

16. Natural Pallet Wood Toy Box

Recycled pallet can never go out of use. So why not for building a rustic box to fill in the stuffed toys, balls, cricket bats, and flash cards.

Pallet Wood Toy Box

17. Dark Wood Toy Box with Instructions

Dark Wood Toy Box

18. DIY Reclaimed Wood Toy Box

A monogrammed chest toy box with your baby’s name on it is something he will cherish all his life.

Reclaimed Wood Toy Box

If you always get panicky seeing your kid’s toys scattered all over the house, it’s high time you arrange a storage box. Choose any tutorial that you feel would suit your budget and time.

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