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35+ Ways to Make a Burlap Table Runner

Camouflaging old tables or dull-colored dressers using a burlap table runner decorated with glowing electric lanterns, mason jars, or flower pots is a stylish and creative way to deck your dining place. The following handmade table runners are easy to make without burning a hole in your pocket.

Burlap Table Runner Pictures

1. Sewing a Plain Burlap Table Runner

Add a rustic element to your dinner table with a burlap runner. Place a beautiful flower vase, gleaming porcelain, or a fruit bowl accenting the look.

Burlap Table Runner

You can either use a spray or fabric paint for lending a monogram design to the table runner.

Burlap Monogram Table Runner

2. No-Sew Burlap Table Runner Easy DIY

The burlap table mat reflects a vintage elegance that is incomparable when it comes to decking your home.

Burlap Table Runner for Wooden Table

You can adjust the length and width accordingly to suit the square table. You can sprinkle petals on the runner for more beautification.

Burlap Runner for Square Table

3. Burlap and Lace Wedding Table Runner

Bordered with pretty lace strips, the burlap table runner offers you a unique idea for any special occasion whether at home or outdoors.

Burlap and Lace Table Runner

4. Making a Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Table Runner with Lace

5. DIY No-Sew Gold Striped Burlap Table Runner

Use a metallic gold paint to add some luster to the otherwise plain white burlap runner. This one is ideal for a beach house for maintaining the subtle look.

Cheap Burlap Table Runner

6. Burlap with Lace Table Runner

Making decorative accessories for your table with burlap is interesting as you adorn it with other craft materials like sequins and buttons.

Burlap Lace Table Runner

7. Woven Burlap Table Runner DIY Tutorial

In this tutorial, burlap fabric pieces are overlapped on one another in an open weave net pattern and stitched. The result is an exclusive table runner with a primitive element in it.

Burlap Table Runner Wedding

8. Garden Burlap Runner for Table Décor Setting

Have you been thinking of an outdoor lunch with family and friends? If the weather is on your side, get ready to rock it with loads of food, fun, and burlap.

DIY Burlap Table Runner

If you have a bundle of tulle at home, sew it to the ends to change the entire appearance of the table runner.

Tulle Burlap Table Runner

9. No Sew Charcoal Burlap Table Runner

If you visit a thrift store or craft shop next time, pick a long piece of charcoal/gray burlap to design an uncommon and fabulous table runner.

Gray Burlap Table Runner

Similarly, you can make a table runner with blue burlap fabric for a vivacious look.

Navy Blue Burlap Table Runner

10. DIY Burlap Table Runner with Tassels

A long dining table can be dressed in this wonderful table runner with homey tassels.

How to Make a Burlap Table Runner

11. DIY Table Runner with Burlap

A simple way of dishing out a rustic table runner with a tinge of festivity is by tying a holiday ribbon at one end.

Burlap Christmas Table Runner

12. Burlap Runner for Circle Table

Who says table runners are meant only for rectangle tables? Have a look at the DIY and decide for yourself.

Burlap Runner for Round Table

You can either purchase purple or lavender burlap or paint plain burlap of that color.

Purple Burlap Table Runner

13. Farmhouse Style Burlap Table Runner DIY

Another no-sew burlap table runner that is given a stencil finish using your favorite pattern. Food would now be tastier.

Stenciled Burlap Table Runner

14. DIY Chevron Burlap Table Runner

Yellow Burlap Table Runner

15. DIY Weathered and Feathered Table Runner

Few strokes of your favorite paint will make the ordinary-looking burlap into a winter wonderland.

Painted Burlap Table Runner

16. Burlap Jute Centerpiece Table Runner

You can work a bit on the burlap runner embellishing it with colorful ribbons and laces of any colors such as black or blue to enhance the appearance of your table.

Jute Burlap Table Runner

17. Monogrammed Burlap Table Runner for Long Table

Have you some ruffles lying in your drawer or any old ones? Sew them to both sides of the table runner and create a farmhouse ambiance.

Burlap Ruffled Table Runner

18. Burlap Runner for Picnic Table

A white tapestry for your canvas table is fun and easy to make if you have all the required materials.

White Burlap Table Runner

19. Burlap Table Runner on White Linen

The tutorial describes a way to beautify the table runner by adding polka dots with the help of gold paint. However, you can keep it original and raw.

Natural Burlap Table Runner

20. Ivory Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Table Runner Idea

21. Used Burlap Table Runner

Black Burlap Table Runner

22. Country Burlap Table Runner

The ribbon strips are woven into the burlap table runner to pan out a sober-looking accessory for your dining hall.

Woven Burlap Table Runner

23. Burlap Runner for Champagne Table

A fantastic combination of candles, mason jars, and flower pots for the elegant table cloth.

Burlap Table Runner Tutorial

24. Patriotic Burlap Table Runner

Elevate the look of a plain table runner with a bunch of flowers in a mason jar.

Burlap Runner with Flowers

25. Bunny Burlap Runner for Kitchen Table

The cute cutouts glued to the burlap table runner make the celebrations brighter and more fun.

Easter Burlap Table Runner

26. Burlap Table Runner for Fall

Thanksgiving Burlap Table Runner

27. Felt and Burlap Table Runner

Draw fluttering hearts on the table runner and lay it on your table if you have a romantic date with a special someone.

Valentine Day Burlap Table Runner

28. DIY Table Runner for the 4th Of July

4th of July Burlap Table Runner

29. Traditional Burlap Table Runner

Lay feather-like soft muslin over the runner to add a contrasting effect and change the entire look. You can even attach pearls at the side for further ornamentation.

Muslin Burlap Table Runner

30. Extra Long Burlap Table Runner

Write the initials of your name on the table runner and display it in your kitchen room.

Burlap Table Runner with Initial

31. Pastel Burlap Table Runner

Doily Burlap Table Runner

32. Aqua Burlap Table Runner

Recreate an ocean-like effect using chevron and turquoise burlap. Decorate it with small seashells and pebbles for some realness.

Turquoise Burlap Table Runner

33. Burlap Table Runner for Baby Shower and Wedding

Any grand occasion can be celebrated with aplomb when you have a stunning table decoration.

Burlap Table Runner with Bow

34. Burlap Table Runner for Baptism

Burlap Sack Table Runner

35. Burlap table Runner for Barn Wedding

Use glittery yarns to make fringes for the table runner adding vibrancy and funkiness.

Fringe Burlap Table Runner

The selection can be a bit tough as the tutorials are interesting and give some scope to use other creative ideas. Are you ready to create a fine piece of table art?

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