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18 Ways to Make a DIY Masquerade Mask

Masquerade masks can be worn to Mardi Gras, Halloween or any other costume party. They look glamorous and can be crafted in any color or design of your choice. Inspired by Venetian carnivals, they can be made of fabric, paper mache, paper, leather, lace, etc. and decorated with silver or golden paint, ribbons, rhinestones, colorful glass beads, bird feathers and sequins. Most of the below tutorials come with free templates that help you in designing the masks.

Masquerade Mask Images

1. Easy DIY Masquerade Mask

You can make this simple half face mask for a masquerade ball or Halloween. It is decorated with blue and green sequins and feathers on one side.

DIY Masquerade Mask

2. Instructions for a Beautiful Masquerade Mask

Lace and hot glue are the main ingredients of this simple masquerade mask. It would be a fun accessory to your Halloween costume.

3. Make a Masquerade Mask on a Stick

This simple DIY mask is decorated with curly ribbons, feathers, pipe cleaners, crepe paper sticks, and other materials.

Make a Masquerade Mask

4. DIY Masquerade Eye Mask Out Of Paper Mache

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

5. Make Your Own Lace Masquerade Ball Mask

You need to cut lace according to a template in this DIY. The big mask is suitable for any face shape. You can wear it to masquerade-themed college proms.

DIY Lace Masquerade Mask

6. Full Face Mask for a Masquerade from Scratch

DIY Full Face Masquerade Mask from Scratch

7. Masquerade Mask for Men DIY

This male masquerade mask is devoid of showy adornments and looks sleek and smart in black. Guys, you would be the center of attraction of a masquerade party with this on.

DIY Men’s Masquerade Mask

8. DIY Large Wolf Masquerade Masks

DIY Wolf Masquerade Masks

9. How to Make a Butterfly Masquerade Mask

The supplies for this simple project are a butterfly base mask, paint colors, sequins and gems in colors and styles of choice and a cloth roll. Kids would love to wear this fancy design.

DIY Butterfly Masquerade Mask

10. DIY Giant Masquerade Mask Step By Step

This huge homemade masquerade mask can be used as a party décor item. You can cut out the pattern from cardboard and deck it up with glitter, metallic spray paint and gems. Just scroll down to the last part of the above-linked article.

DIY Giant Masquerade Mask

11. DIY Masquerade Mask for Glasses Wearer

If you wear glasses and are to visit a masquerade party, don’t fret about wearing eye masks. You can make a masquerade mask at home that fits over your glasses.

DIY Masquerade Mask for Glasses

12. DIY Ice Queen Masquerade Mask Idea

DIY Ice Queen Masquerade Mask

13. DIY Masquerade Mask with Paper

In this project, purple crepe paper rosettes are glued over a basic paper mache black eye mask. You can also use crepe paper in other colors for your craft.

DIY Paper Masquerade Mask

14. Make A DIY Venetian Masquerade Mask

DIY Venetian Masquerade Mask

15. Homemade Leather Masquerade Mask

Leather Masquerade Mask

16. Attractive Metal Masquerade Mask

Metal Masquerade Mask

17. Fabric Masquerade Mask Tutorial

Fabric Masquerade Mask

18. Peacock Masquerade Mask Guide

Peacock Masquerade Mask

Once you are through this article, you are sure to never run out of ideas when it comes to designing masquerade masks. You can make fancy full or half-face masks for a man, woman or kid with the above tutorials as your guide.

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