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24 Ways to Make a Feather Headdress

A headdress with feathers is a beautiful piece of art. They have a grand history associated with it as they were used to symbolize bravery amongst the native Americans. Feather headdresses have now also become a fashion statement. They are used in carnivals and also form a part of interior decoration. Here are some of the DIY tutorials for feather headdress.

Ways to Make Feather Headdress

1. A Pretty Feather Headdress for Any Occasion

This step by step tutorial will help you make a cute feather headdress for you kid. He or she can use it for a fancy dress competition or any celebration.

Feather Headdress

2. Indian Feather Headdress Tutorial

This tutorial will help you make a large feather headdress, the kind that was used by the native Americans. It can be made of turkey or eagle feathers. This DIY Indian feather headdress is quite simple to make.

Indian Feather Headdress

3. Instructions For The Majestic Aztec Feather Headdress

The ruler’s feather headdress has a long history associated with it. The tutorial shows a blue feather headdress, but you can also make a green one if you wish. It is also Mayan’s style of making a feather headdress.  It is is also known as the quetzal feather headdress, and it also resembles a South American feather headdress. The long feathers would make the headgear apt for Mardi Gras. A Moctezuma headpiece can also be made in the same lines.

Aztec Feather Headdress

4. How to Make a Beautiful Feather Headdress

You can make a nice blue feather headdress for your college party by following these steps. Instead of blue, you can also make a pink feather headdress as it is a bright hue. By following the simple instructions, you can also make a parrot or a peacock feather headpiece.

How to Make a Feather Headdress

5. White African Feather Headdress for a Classy Living Room

Feather headdresses can also be used to adorn your living room as wall decor. This African feather juju headdress will be a great addition to your interior decoration plans because this style of wall art will never go out of style. You can also make a yellow feather headdress for your place to make your living room look bright.

African Feather Headdress

6. Sophisticated Feather Headdress for Carnival

If you are thinking about how to make a carnival feather headdress for an upcoming gala, these steps will help you. You can also make a raven or a Mexican feather headdress by following this tutorial.

Carnival Feather Headdress

7. African Tribal Feather Headdress for Sophisticated Interior Decoration

This feather headdress DIY manual will make an amazing décor for your center table. This headdress has a very pleasing color and texture. Although the process isn’t simple, it is worth all the effort.

African Tribal Feather Headdress

8. Funky Zulu Feather Headdress

With the help of these instructions, you can make a durable feather headdress and keep it to decorate your place. By following these steps, you can also make an Iroquois feather headgear as well.

Zulu Feather Headdress

9. A Feather Headdress That Makes A Fashion Statement

This stylish accessory will make you stand apart in a crowd. If you like to keep it the Bohemian way, you can follow what’s shown in the tutorial and make your own feather headdress. An Egyptian or a Celtic feather headdress will also make a good fashion statement. This can also be used as a glamorous showgirl hair accessory.

Fashion Feather Headdress

10. An Attractive Native Feather Headdress

With a hint of American Indian feather headdress, this one is special as it is made of beads too. It follows a complicated procedure, and attaching the feathers can be difficult, but it’s a good way to nurture your creativity. This headdress is made of eagle feathers, but you can also make a black Indian feather headdress by using crow’s or raven’s feathers.

Native Feather Headdress

11. Easy Feather Headdress Tutorial

With just a bit of patience and concentration, this American Indian feather headdress can be a pretty easy project. It is always great to own a traditional headdress like this. You can also make a native American Indian or an Australian feather headdress in the same process. A big Indian chief feather headdress resembles this too.

Feather Headdress Tutorial

12. Gorgeous Feather Headdress Wall Art

This African feather headdress wall hanging works well as a house warming present. It’s not easy to make, and you may need some time to attain perfection at this. A similar red feather headdress for as a décor for your drawing room is also a great idea.

Feather Headdress Wall Art

13. A Simple and Elegant Feather Headdress

You could use this for your daughter’s fancy dress competition. It is very easy to make and hassle-free, and the end result is neat. Make an ostrich, owl, or parrot feather headdress by following the same steps. A gold one can also be made similarly if you can find golden feathers. If you find it difficult to find these feathers, you can also make a chicken feather headgear

Simple Feather Headdress

14. Duct Tape Baby Feather Headdress For Your Kid

It’s always fun to make fancy things for your little one. Try your hands at making this cute feather headdress for your baby and revel at the great joy of your kid when he wears it.

Baby Feather Headdress

15. Sophisticated Feather Headdress For Wedding

A feather headdress for your wedding is what will set you apart. The double-sided satin ribbon and the detailed design of this headdress are what make this so pretty.

Feather Headdress for Wedding

16. DIY Feather Headdress For a Different Look

This feather plume headdress with beads can add a special charm to your look. This one resembles a Boho feather headdress to some extent and is quite easy to make. You can also make one in a rainbow theme by using feathers of seven different colors of the rainbow.

Feather Headdress DIY

17. A Unique Bohemian Feather Headdress To Set You Apart From The Crowd

If you like to keep it a bit different from the conventional sense of fashion, then these steps will help you make your favorite hair accessory. Make an Inca feather headdress by following the same steps.

Bohemian Feather Headdress

18. Cool Mohawk Feather Headdress

This is a very impressive purple feather headdress, which keeps in mind both tradition and trend. The mohawk style can be a raging hit among the millennials. This will work perfectly well for a Rio carnival. You can also make a burning man feather headdress similarly.

Mohawk Feather Headdress

19. An Attractive Brazilian Feather Headdress For Any Cultural Celebration

This gaudy Samba feather headdress will have you covered if you are attending the carnival of Brazil. You can try this both as a mask and a headdress. This will also be a great gift for your kids. You can also make it out of macaw feathers. A Moulin Rouge feather headdress looks quite similar to this.

Brazilian Feather Headdress

20. Trendy Burlesque Feather Headdress

Bring on the drama and make this lovely feather headdress by following this video. It’s quite simple once you get the hang of it, and you can also make a collar piece along with your headdress. This will work wonders if you have a costume party, and you can also use it for festivals.  It can also be alternatively called a drag queen feather headdress. You can try out the same tutorial to make a Caribbean feather headdress.

Burlesque Feather Headdress

21. Easy To Make Bamileke Feather Headdress

You can fill your household with the aura of history once you’ve made this beautiful Bamileke feather headdress. It lends a serene touch to your place.

Bamileke Feather Headdress

22. Elegant Cherokee Feather Headdresses

These headdresses resemble the tribal feather headdress of Africa. These are easy to make and lend a simple and traditional look to your appearance. This is also reminiscent of native Indian chief feather headdress.

Cherokee Feather Headdresses

23. Debonair Decorations With Cameroon Feather Headdress

To make your interior decoration timeless, you can go for Cameroon feather headdress as it is classy, simple and very sophisticated.

Cameroon Feather Headdress

24. The Perfect Feather Headdress For Your Trip To Vegas

You’ll have to scroll down a bit to the part where the directions to make the headdress have been described. This Las Vegas feather headdress is quite hassle-free and also lets you remove the feathers if you wish to.

Vegas Feather Headdress

DIY feather headdresses are cheap and hold up an age-old tradition. With the help of these ideas, you can now make your own feather headdress and use them either as fashion symbols or to embellish your house. A native American war bonnet or an Inca feather headdress are great signs of upholding history. They have some deep symbolic meanings, and it’s always great to indulge in a craft that’s laden with history.

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