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12 Ways to Make a Tutu Table Skirt

Decking your table for a special occasion is a fun idea since you know the guests would be making frequent rounds to savor all the mouth-watering dishes. With some lace fabrics, ribbons, and frills, you can make a cute tutu skirt to give an elegant touch to your table décor. Here are some awesome tutorials that you can try to make one.

Tutu Table Skirt Ideas

1. Making a Tutu Table Skirt

A frozen-themed party with a beautiful white and blue lace tutu skirt around your table is enough to bring a big smile on your little princess.

Tutu Table Skirt

2. No-Sew Tutu Table Skirt

Are you a planning an outdoor party in your backyard? Don’t miss the chance to make a pretty skirt and dress your dessert table.

Table Tutu Skirt

3. How to Make Pink Table Skirt Tutu

The black ribbon tied to the pink tutu accentuates the overall look. Opt for a brighter shade if you want.

How to Make Tutu Table Skirt

4. Tutu Table Skirt: Step-By-Step Tutorial

The various shades of purple in one tutu skirt have a ravishing effect that’s difficult to behold.

How to Make a Tutu Table Skirt

5. How to Make a White Table Tutu Skirt

Cover the edges of the table with a long strap of cardboard or glitter paper to complement the look of the table.

Tutu Skirt for Table

6. Making a Tutu Table Skirt

If you are planning to set up your reception table in a fashionable way, the lacy tutu skirt will make your dreams come true.

DIY Tutu Table Skirt

7. Tulle Tutu Table Skirt Tutorial

Add a fancy effect to your otherwise ordinary table with some other decorative materials.

Tulle Tutu Table Skirt

8. Cheap Table Tutu Table Skirt

A pink table skirt is a classy theme for your little girl’s birthday party. To accentuate the look, deck the walls with festoons and paper butterflies.

Tutu Table Skirt Pattern

9. How to Do a Colorful Tutu Table Skirt

You can also choose lace fabrics of different colors to create a rainbow tutu skirt to decorate a round coffee table.

How to Make a Tutu Skirt for a Table

10. Tutu Cake Table Skirt for Baby Shower

Tutu Cake Table Skirt

11. No-Sew Blush Table Tutu Skirt

The neat and suave style of the tulle skirt muffled around the table is a treat to the eyes. You can decorate the skirt with string lights for a brighter look.

How to Make a No-Sew Tutu Table Skirt

12. White Tutu Table Skirt with Instructions

Tulle Table Skirt for Wedding

These tutu table skirts are perfect for any occasion right from bridal showers to anniversary parties. Next time if you have some special event coming up, don’t forget to scroll through these tutorials for some creative ideas.

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