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20+ Ways to Make Candy Leis

A Hawaiian lei is a small wreath or garland that is gifted to someone as a token of appreciation, hospitality, friendship and affection. They are traditionally worn around the neck and can be made from a variety of materials like flowers, paper, shells, feathers and Kukui nuts. However, if you are looking for something edible and fun, try out candy leis. Our assortment of tutorials with pictures show you how.

Candy Leis Images

1. Instructions for Making a Candy Lei

Want a fun party favor for the summers? Make your own candy leis that are high on funk but low on price making them the perfect substitute for traditional flower leis.

Candy Lei

2. How to Make Modern Candy Leis

The supplies for these leis are mainly cellophane roll, candy, tissue paper, clear tape and ribbons. The project starts with cutting a long strip of cellophane and wrapping candies with it.

How to Make Candy Leis

3. Graduation Candy Lei DIY

You can rely on a vivid candy lei to kick start the celebrations at a graduation party. Just click on the above link and scroll down to point number 3 to get the details.

Graduation Candy Lei

4. DIY Candy Lei

The materials for this white lei are basically candies, plastic wrap and ribbon. Don’t the polka-dotted ribbons look cute?

Candy Lei DIY

5. Creative Candy Lei Idea

For Christmas, you can have small, wrapped red and green candies on your lei. This lei is 36 inches long, sufficient to have a blast at a Hawaiian party. If you want to design a Mexican candy lei, you have to choose candies in the colors of its national flag.

Candy Lei Idea

6. Step by Step Candy Lei Using Tubing

Break the stereotype of a flower lei with a candy lei that scores with its vibrant colors, taste and creative quotient. The clear plastic tubing (poly tubing) holds the treats together.

Candy Lei Using Tubing

7. Making a Cute Candy Lei

Colorful candy wrappers would add to the looks of your lei. So choose from a variety of candies for your craft. It would best suit the occasion of preschool graduation.Kindergarten kids would be overjoyed to wear them. Note that this simple DIY is made without a plastic wrap.     

Making Candy Lei

8. Money and Candy Lei Tutorial

Candy leis with money look beautiful, make your pocket happy and take care of your hunger pangs when you are busy partying.

Candy and Money Lei

9. Lovely Starburst Candy Lei

Starburst Candy Lei

10. Candy Lei Making With Netting

Candy Lei Netting

11. A Unique Lei Out Of Candies

This lovely candy lei would help you celebrate a birthday, anniversary or wedding in style. You can personalize it with your favorite candies. You can use tulle for decorating the lei and if designing it for boys, use blue candies and ribbons.

Unique Candy Lei

12. Cool Hawaiian Candy Leis

Hawaiian Candy Leis

13. Idea for Making a Candy Lei with Saran Wrap

You can make this lei with candy bars, bubble gums, gummy bears, lollipops as well as little trinkets. Choose from hot favorites like Tootsie rolls, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey Kisses, Lindor (Lindt), Airheads, Hi-Chew and Werther’s candies.

Candy Lei with Saran Wrap

Make a Smarties candy lei along the same lines as above to win over the kids at a birthday party. You would find that they can never have enough of them.

Smarties Candy Lei

14. Candy Leis with Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Rancher Candy Leis

15. Braided Gummy Worm Candy Lei

Gummy Worm Candy Lei

16. Easy Way to Make Candy Lei

Easy To Make Candy Lei

17. 3D Candy Flower Lei

A candy lei with flowers would be apt for a spring party. It is a non-perishable substitute for a real flower lei.

Flower Candy Lei

18. Homemade Tongan Candy Lei

Tongan Candy Lei

19. Fancy Gumball Candy Lei

Gumball Candy Lei

20. Fun and Vivid Candy Lei for Kids

It would be good if you can decide on the length of your candy lei beforehand so that it looks great on a kid.

Candy Lei for Kids

The images are sure to motivate you in making the wonderful candy leis. They satiate your cravings for candies while looking beautiful around your neck.You would be glad to see the little ones gobbling them up after flaunting them to their heart’s content.

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