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25+ DIYs to Make a Pop Up Birthday Card

Pop up birthday cards are a delight to watch, with something interesting popping up the moment the receiver opens it. Making them at home is no mammoth task, and one could design them at their liberty. The cards could have a birthday cake, candles, balloons or even an interesting message. The tutorials below would give you different ideas in making a pop up birthday card.

DIY Birthday Card Images

1. DIY to Make a Pop Up Birthday Card

The blend of pink and blue with the red cherry on the top makes the cupcake look immensely cute.

Pop Up Birthday Card

2. How to Make a Simple and Colorful Pop Up Birthday Card

You could add a few glitters on the balloon for a sparkly effect.

Pop Up Birthday Card DIY

3. Colorful Baloon Themed Birthday Pop Up Card

The “Happy New Year” message would be replaced by “Happy Birthday”. Cut small paper flowers and stick it on the balloon, especially if you are making it for a kid.

How to Make a Birthday Pop Up Card

4. How to Make a Happy birthday Card with a Pop up Bouquet

The colorful flowers popping up at the center adds vibrance.

Happy Birthday Pop Up Card

If you want this three-tiered cake design for your pop up card, then take out a template of it and decorate using bright colors.

Pop Up Birthday Card Template

5. Tutorial to Make a Pop Up Birthday Cake Card

The cake popping at the center with candles on it gives a perfect birthday feel.

Birthday Cake Pop Up Card

6. Easy DIY Ideas for a Step Pop Up Birthday Card

You may stick smileys on the pop up section for an enticing effect.

Pop Up Birthday Card Idea

7. Instructions for Making a Cool Pop Up Birthday Card

Decorative stickers and ribbon encircling a pop-up birthday card intensify its beauty to the fullest.

Cool Pop Up Birthday Cards

8. DIY Pop Up Heart Birthday Card

If making a romantic birthday card, this idea would be an apt one. You could add a special message at the center either by writing on one of the hearts.

DIY Pop Up Cards Happy Birthday

9. Easy Tutorial to Make a Cute Handmade Birthday Cake Pop Up Card

Easy DIY Pop Up Birthday Card

10. How to Do a Pop Up Birthday Card

You could choose to write the name too of the birthday boy or girl on one side.

How to Do a Pop Up Birthday Card

For a 50th birthday celebration, you may make a decorative pop up card as shown in the picture below. The stars surrounding the card gives it a gorgeous appeal.

Pop Up 50th Birthday Card

11. Balloon Birthday Pop Up Card DIY

Pop Up Balloon Birthday Card

12. How to Make Pop Up Birthday Cards for Dad

This card would be apt for your dad’s birthday as well as Father’s Day.

How to Make Pop Up Birthday Card for Dad

13. How to Make a Beautiful Pop Up Rainbow Card for Friends’ Birthday

For a personalized touch, add a picture of you and your friend to one side of the card.

How to Make Pop Up Birthday Cards for Friends

14. How to Make a 3D Dinosaur Themed Origami Pop UP Invitation Card for Birthday

If your kid is a dinosaur fanatic then using it as a theme for his or her birthday invitation card would be a great idea.

Pop Up Birthday Invitation Card

15. DIY to Make a Pop Up Box Birthday Card

To give it a birthday-like feel fill in the box with paper made cakes, balloons, candles, flowers, as well as streamers.

Pop Up Box Birthday Card

Following the tutorial above you could make a box pop up birthday card and use the color combinations as the ones shown in the image below. If it is for someone’s 70th, 80th or 90th birthday you could write the number as shown here. A special message can even follow.

90th Birthday Pop Up Card for Grandma

16. Tutorial to Make 3D Pop Up Balloon Birthday Card

3D Pop Up Birthday Card

17. Directions to Make a Cute Happy Birthday Cat Pop Up Card

You could either make the kitten as shown in the tutorial or go by the simple instructions in the picture. The one in the image is made by simply cutting paper according to the shape to design the cat’s face and body, and attaching a happy birthday note to it. For a Halloween themed birthday pop up card, make the cat in black.

Pop Up Kitten Birthday Card

18. How to Make an Explosion Birthday Pop Up Card

Explosion Birthday Pop Up Card

19. Instructions to Make a Colorful Pop Up Bouquet for Birthday

The cone sitting at the center holding the flowers adds to the uniqueness of the card.

Creative Pop Up Birthday Card

20. How to Make a Butterfly Birthday Pop Up Card with Origami

By following the simple paper folding technique as shown here, you could make any design of your choice, be it balloons, cakes, candles, and so on.

Origami Pop Up Birthday Card

21. Handmade Birthday Pop Up Card with Confetti Tutorial

The confetti added to the card makes it appear brighter.

Pop Up Birthday Card with Confetti

22. Owl Birthday Cylindrical Pop Up Card

The cylindrical structure at the center adds to its uniqueness.

Owl Pop Up Birthday Card

23. DIY Pop Up Unicorn Birthday Card

Unicorn Pop Up Birthday Card

24. DIY Birthday Pop Up Card for Sister

While making a card for your brother, you could design his favorite things like a football or even characters from his choicest comic book.

Birthday Card Pop Up Card for Sister

If someone’s birthday falls on Christmas, then you may make a card with these beautiful starts on it as shown here. Add glitters or sparkles on it for a brightened impact.

Star Pop Up Birthday Card

25. DIY Happy Birthday Pop Up Card for Mother

Happy Birthday Mom Pop Up Card

These amazing DIYs above would make you have a whale of a time while designing some gorgeous, decorative cards for the birthdays of your dad, mom, brother, sister, grandma, friends, or anyone else. Choose the theme by the personality or likes of the receiver. Take liberty in choosing the design adhering to the birthday theme or go for something out-of-the-box. Beads, sparkles, and glitters, when used as embellishments, gives an added charm to your pop up card.

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