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25 Exciting DIYs to Make a Book

Books are man’s best friends, as the famous saying goes, and if you are a book fanatic, why not consider making a few of them at home to sharpen your creative skills. You could make a simple book using hardcover and paper, or fancy ones with felt and fabric.

DIY Book Pictures

1. DIY to Make a Book at Home

A blank book like this one would be the easiest to make. Fill in papers of the color of your choice.

How to Make a Book

2. Instructions to Make a Mini Comic Book

By printing these templates and pasting them on paper, you could make an interesting comic book.

How to Make a Comic Book

3. Directions to Make a Pop Up Book For Babies

You could design anything for the pop up in accordance to the theme. Kids could be taught nursery rhymes with ease by making such unique designs at home. Check here for more pop up book ideas.

How to Make a Pop Up Book

4. Origami Mini Books Out of Paper DIY

The colorful, printed cover makes the books look all the more adorable.

How to Make Paper Books

5. Homemade Children’s Book

The host of pictures, printed, ironed, and then glued into felt pages is all that this tutorial is about. You could make a pretty Christmas book in a similar way, having images of snowflakes, Santa Claus, reindeer, and so on.

How to Make a Children’s Book

6. Easy Tutorial to Make a Mini Book

These mini-books could serve as great giveaway gifts on your kid’s birthday. You could insert colorful stickers within, like, Disney Princesses for the girls and Star Wars for the boys.

How to Make a Mini Book

7. Instructions to Make a Recipe Book

Make it as picturesque and attractive as possible so that the recipes could be prominently understood.

How to Make a Recipe Book

8. DIY Accordion Envelope Book for Kids

The pretty accordion book would be a perfect pick for children. Put in their favorite photos on each one of the folds.

How to Make a Book for Kids

9. DIY to Make a Tear-Out Coupon Book

The tear-out coupon book, as shown here, would serve as an apt gift for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.  

How to Make a Coupon Book

10. DIY Quiet Book for Toddlers

You could make them using felt or fabric and use pom poms, threads, and beads for decoration.

How to Make a Quiet Book

11. Small Book DIY

How to Make a Small Book

12. How to Make a Fabric Poetry Book

The pages can be made of felt or hard paper. Stitch something nice on top of the cover for an enticing appeal.

How to Make a Poetry Book

13. Making a Leather-bound Book

How to Make a Leather Bound Book

14. How to Make a Fun Memory Book for a Baby

The burlap cover on top with decorations makes it look all the more beautiful.

How to Make a Memory Book

15. Back to School Story Book for Kids

Make it as interesting as possible to develop your little one’s interest for his or her school.

How to Make a Story Book

16. DIY Alice In Wonderland Fairy Tale Book

Recreating your kids’ favorite fairytale in the form of a book would indeed be remarkable. Put glitters, pom poms, or other decoratives on the images to make them look lively and realistic.

How to Make a Fairy Tale Book

17. DIY to Make a 8-Page Fun Mini Book from a Single Sheet of Paper

A single sheet can be designed into a unique foldable book, as shown here. Your kids would have a whale of a time in drawing things as per their choice, and coloring it in the brightest shades.

How to Make a Fun Book

18. DIY Mini Book Tutorial

DIY Book

19. DIY Baby Board Book

A baby book is indeed a memorabilia, helping you cherish your kid’s childhood memories.

DIY Baby Book

20. How to DIY a Disney Autograph Book

DIY Disney Autograph Book

21. DIY Photo Book for Mother’s Day

This lovely photo book with pictures of you and your mom would indeed be a perfect Mother’s day gift.

DIY Photo Book

22. DIY Origami Pop Up Book Tutorial

Tie a showy ribbon around if you intend to give it as a gift.

DIY Pop Up Book

23. Interesting DIY for a Wedding Card Keepsake Book

DIY Wedding Card Keepsake Book

24. How to Make a Birthday Book

This would help you record the birthdays of your kith and kin, and you may even preserve your birthday cards inside it.

DIY Birthday Book

25. DIY Birthday Calendar Guestbook

It would undoubtedly help in cherishing your long lost memories.

DIY Birthday Guest Book

These tutorials would come handy while you plan to make a picture book for your kids, a cookbook or scrapbook for yourself, a travel book, or anything else. A book acts as a great DIY prop, and you may make a whole lot of things using it like a Christmas tree, purse, and so on.

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