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10+ DIY Capiz Shell Chandeliers

If you have a fascination for adorning the walls of your room with bright, decorative chandeliers, then ones made of pure white capiz shell would be an ideal one to enhance your home décor to the fullest. As chancing upon real capiz shell chandeliers may be an expensive deal, the tutorials below mostly give you a vivid insight into the different ways in which you can make faux chandeliers out of several upcycled things.

DIY Capiz Shell Chandeliers

DIY Ideas for Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

1. Capiz Shell Chandelier Tutorial

These fabulous capiz shells, made by sewing a host of wax papers, are as good as the real ones.

Capiz Shell Chandelier

For your baby boy’s room paint half of your wax paper in blue, keeping the other half white, to make a cute chandelier hanging high above his crib.

Blue Capiz Shell Chandelier

2. How to Make a Capiz Shell Chandelier

Insert green or red colored lights in it when decorating your home for Christmas.

DIY Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

For a stunning visual impact, paint the wax paper in shades of green, gray, pink, blue, red and so on to have a multi-colored chandelier at hand. The mirrors and sparkles embellish it further.

Colored Capiz Shell Chandelier

3. Capiz Shell Swag Chandelier: DIY

Have you ever imagined how unique your chandelier would look when cutouts from milk jars are made to give it a capiz shell appearance! The long strings hanging down gives a swag-like appearance, intensifying its charm to the fullest.

Capiz Shell Lighting Chandelier

You can put your thinking caps into action and try a myriad of innovative shapes. For instance, you can make a drum chandelier by using a drum as a base and then adorning it with faux capiz shells or even the real ones, if you are fortunate enough to get hold of some.

Capiz Shell Drum Chandelier

4. DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier

To add an innovative touch, you can cut the paper into different shapes for each row like square, diamond or rectangular.

DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier

5. How to Make a Large Capiz Shell Chandelier

Make a combination of white and pink capiz shells if you desire to hang it in your littl girl’s room.

Large Capiz Shell Chandelier

If you want the chandelier to hover above your dining table or bed, then go for a smaller one like the one shown in the picture below.

Small Capiz Shell Chandelier

6. Instructions to Make a Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

7. Directions to Make a Rectangular Capiz Shell Chandelier

If you have an oval-shaped or a square frame for the base, then you may cut the wax paper in that shape. Making more rows adds to its grandeur.

Rectangular Capiz Shell Chandelier

Following the directions in the tutorial, you can paint the wax paper in black to make an eerie looking chandelier, particularly while changing your home décor for Halloween. For a wedding décor, you can abide by the same design, only replacing the black color with a gold spray paint for an increased grandeur.

Black Capiz Shell Tiered Chandelier

8. How to Make Your Own Chandelier with White Capiz Shells at Home

For an interesting effect, you can try adding red ribbons to the white capiz shells.

Capiz Shells Chandelier

If you want a gorgeous arrangement like the one shown in the given picture, then make a three-tiered chandelier and illuminate it with bright lights.

Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting

Idea to Make a Chandelier from Original Capiz Shells

If you are fortunate enough to get hold of real ones then grab the opportunity of giving your home a delightful look.

9. How to Make a Capiz Shell Chandelier

If you have a higher ceiling, then you can increase the number of rows.

Capiz Shell Chandelier Image

10. How to Make a Round Capiz Shell Lotus Flower Chandelier

You can apply a combination of white and pink spray paint to give the chandelier a perfect lotus flower-look.

Round Capiz Shell Chandelier

If you have a combination of real white shells and beautiful crystals, then waste no time in designing them into a magnificent chandelier. Shaping it into a big globe as shown in the image would add grace to your home décor.

Capiz Shell and Crystal Chandelier

With these myriads of wonderful ideas at hand, get into action and design a spectacular chandelier to give your home a beautiful look. If you are fortunate enough to get hold of real capiz shells, then cleaning them would be a necessary task as dust seem to often accumulate in them. Rinse it gently using a wet cloth to keep it in good shape.

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