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11+ Christmas Painted Rocks DIYs with Ideas

Rock painting has become a trend in recent times. When it is Christmas, you can never miss the opportunity of creating holiday-themed designs as per your choice. Though you could use any paint, the acrylic ones are the best since they are bright with a thick texture, requiring fewer coats. The tutorials that follow would undoubtedly help in making unique Christmas painted rocks.

DIY Christmas Painted Rock Ideas

1. Hand Lettered Christmas Rock Painting DIY

The white letters against a blue background make the rocks look merely unique. For the hand lettering part, a paint pen has been used, though one could even do it with a paintbrush.

Christmas Painted Rocks

2. Santa and Reindeer-Themed Hand Painted Christmas Rocks

Santa, along with his trusted companions, the elf, and the reindeer, etched on the rocks, would indeed be a great décor idea for your mantelpiece. Instead of painting the antlers of the reindeer, you may attach red pipe cleaners on it.  White cotton can also be put for Santa’s beard to make it look more realistic.

Christmas Rock Painting Idea

3. Christmas Silhouette Painted Rocks with Printable Designs

The blend of light and dark gives the rocks a spectacular appeal. The theme of the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh as depicted here sets in the perfect Christmas mood. You could even include the subject of Christ’s birth on one of the rocks.

Christmas Painted Rock Idea

4. Easy Way to Paint a Snowflake Design on a Rock

Following the pattern of the above tutorial, you could easily design a cute Christmas rock like the one shown in the image below. Blue background with snowflakes on it in white is all that is needed to make this rock. You could write an interesting message on it like, “Let it Snow”, or “Enjoy the Snow”.

Easy Christmas Painted Rocks

5. Easy and Cute Christmas Story Stones Using Clipart

If you do not desire to paint the designs, then opt for clipart printable as done here, and paste them on the rocks. 

Cute Christmas Painted Rocks

6. Painted Rock Christmas Tree DIY

The snow effect created on the green trees gives it a realistic appearance.

Christmas Tree Painted On a Rock

7. Christmas Lights on Rocks DIY

The spiral lines running through the rocks give the impression of lights while the green and red dots bring in the Christmas fervor.

Christmas Lights Painted On a Rock

8. Penguin Painted Christmas Rocks DIY

Penguin Painted Christmas Rocks

9. Winter Scene Rock Painting for Christmas Tutorial

Following the cue in the above-mentioned link you can paint a winter scene as per your choice. To create one in the image below, pain the base blue, draw the tree in black and add patches of white for the snow.

Winter Scene Christmas Rock Painting

10. Santa Claus Christmas Painted Rock Instructions

Two coats of red vermillion painted against a white background with white for Santa’s beard and black for his eyes is all that is needed for this rock painting.

Santa Claus Christmas Painted Rock

11. Grinch Painted Christmas Themed Rock

Grinch Painted Christmas Rock

Some Interesting Christmas Painted Rocks Ideas

While doing this project with your kids, you could try something easy as the one shown in the image here. Draw two black spots for the eyes and a red dot to depict the reindeer’s nose. For the antlers, you could again use black.

Simple Christmas Painted Rocks

For the nativity scene, you may paint the rocks first in the colors of your choice and then design baby Christ, the angels, the donkey, the shepherds, and everything else on them.  Arrange them in a manner so that while you are narrating the tale of Christ’s birth to your kids, they would be able to understand well by looking at the images sequentially.

Christmas Scene Painted On Rocks

Outline the wreath in green, and design hollies and berries on it. A big red bow to one side, along with the words “Merry Christmas,” inscribed below, completes it.

Christmas Wreath Painted Rock

To create the Nightmare Before Christmas theme for Halloween design, Jack and Sally’s face on the rocks, as shown here.

Painted Rocks Nightmare Before Christmas

Paint the base white with stripes of red to replicate candies.

Christmas Candy Painted Rocks

Against a black base, design a brown Gingerbread man. The green bow and red buttons make it look authentic.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Painted Rock

The golden background with white polka dots gives the snowman a gorgeous appearance. For the snowman to look realistic, make the features look as prominent as possible.

Snowman Christmas Painted Rock

These DIYs and ideas would certainly help you to paint rocks with Christmas themes of your choice, be it snowflakes, snowman, reindeer, or Christmas tree. You could paint rocks for any occasion like Halloween or Thanksgiving or even decorate it with flowers, insects like ladybugs, or anything that you wish.

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