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20 Free Crochet Angel Patterns

Crochet angels make lovely ornaments and gifts. They look stunning as Christmas tree toppers. You can have them in 3d forms or flat. They also look good in amigurumi doll forms. The pattern that you choose for your crochet angel is entirely up to you. You can crochet them traditionally in white yarn or go on a rampage with your yarn colors.

Free Crochet Angel Patterns

1. Crochet Thread Angel Pattern

This thread angel can make a pretty Christmas tree decoration. The lacy pattern would win your holiday guests over with its looks. You can have this as a tree top angel.

Crochet Angel Pattern

2. Crochet Angel Tutorial

This flat angel pattern can be used as an applique or a bookmark. You can use it as a pin on your dress as well.

Crochet Angel

3. Free Crochet Angel Pattern for Charity

This lace crochet angel is a attractive pattern to work during the holidays. You can give it away as a Christmas gift.

Free Crochet Angel Pattern

4. Free 3D Crochet Angel Pattern to Print

Free Crochet Angel Pattern to Print

5. Free Crochet Angel Bell Ornament Pattern

This is a simple, quick and lovely angel bell pattern that can be dedicated to grandmothers. It can be used as a stuffed toy or ornament.

Free Crochet Angel Ornament Pattern

6. Free Vintage Crochet Christmas Angel Ornament Pattern

This Victorian crochet angel pattern would be a beautiful Christmas decoration. The small angel can be placed at the top of the x-mas tree.

Free Crochet Christmas Angel Ornament Pattern

7. Mini Crochet Christmas Angels

Crochet Christmas Angels

8. Christmas Ornament Angel Pattern to Crochet

You can have this cute pattern on your Christmas tree or on a table as a decoration item. The crochet angel stands on its own.

Crochet Christmas Ornament Angel Pattern

9. Free Crochet Guardian Angel Pattern

These guardian angels would make great gifts. It would touch the soul of the recipient and show him how much you care.

Crochet Guardian Angel Pattern

10. Crocheted Standing Angel Pattern

Crochet Standing Angel Pattern

11. Easy Crochet Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

Easy Crochet Angel Ornament

12. Pineapple Angel Crochet Pattern For Free

Heavenly pineapple crochet angels can be a great Christmas tree decoration. You can also use them as bookmarks.

Free Pineapple Angel Crochet Pattern

13. Peace on Earth Angel Pattern to Crochet

Peace on Earth Angel Crochet Pattern

14. Weeping Angel Crochet Pattern

Crochet Weeping Angel

15. Crochet Cotton Angel of Grace

Crochet Angel of Grace

16. Free Crochet Clothespin Angel Ornament Pattern

Crochet Clothespin Angel Ornament

17. Crochet Granny Square Angel Pattern

This simple granny square crochet angel can be a good Christmas tree decoration idea. You can also add it to a present. It would be an ideal project for beginners.

Crochet Angel Granny Square Pattern

18. Crochet Angel Doll Pattern For Free

This amigurumi crochet angel looks cute, doesn’t it? It can be gifted to little ones and they would have a fun time playing with it.

Free Crochet Angel Doll Pattern

19. Crochet Icicle Angel Pattern

These mini crochet angel designs make dainty ornaments for the holidays. You would fall in love with the pattern.

Icicle Angel Crochet Pattern

20. Cute Crochet Angel Bear

Crochet Angel Bear

You are now all set to crochet an angel of your liking. Just pick up the yarn and hook size specified in the tutorials and you are good to go. The patterns would keep you immersed in creative bliss for hours on end.

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