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13 Cool Tutorials on Unicorn Ornaments

Unicorns are a creature of fascination and imagination and to include them in any form in our lifestyle is definitely fun. These are used as Christmas tree and door hangers, apart from other decoration purposes. The materials, used are of various types like glass, yarns, and felt papers.

Unicorn Ornament Pictures

1. Colorful Unicorn Ornament

The glittery ornaments are colorful and they truly serve the purpose of decorating your house. They lend a happy vibe aesthetically.

Unicorn Ornament

2. How to Make Unicorn Ornaments

The light ornaments are made of felt papers. You can use multiple color combinations to make your unicorn more interesting.

Unicorn Christmas Ornaments

3. Unicorn Christmas Ornament

The cute horn and the colorful eyebrows make an excellent combination when it comes to unicorn hangers for your house. These are nice and not so heavy.

Unicorn Ornament DIY

4. Glass Unicorn Ornament

This ornament has a transparent base that is painted white, so that the crystals or paper flowers can create a stark contrast.

Glass Unicorn Ornament DIY

5. Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

These are made of wooden slices with some adornments on the forehead. The eyelashes are pretty, and there are some stars on two sides.

Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornaments

6. Tutorial for Purple Christmas Ornaments

The glittery balls make wonderful unicorns, and they can be of different sizes. All colors are of different shades of purple.

Purple Unicorn Ornaments

7. Colored Christmas Ornaments

These are also Christmas ornaments, but made of wooden slices. Further decoration is up to you.

Unicorn Ornament Craft

8. Plastic Glitter Unicorn Ornament

The sparkly unicorn is the easiest thing to make as all you have to do is to add some glitter and attach the unicorn to eye hooks. Follow the tutorial now to get it.

Glitter Unicorn Ornament

9. Crochet Hanging Unicorn Ornament for Doors and Trees

Imagine crocheting a cute soft unicorn head and then hang it on your Christmas tree. Doesn’t it sounds nice?

Crochet Unicorn Christmas Ornament

10. Cute Little Unicorn Horn

These horns are made separately, like other accessories of unicorns. The twisted shape is the classic feature of a unicorn horn.

Unicorn Horn Ornament

11. Felt Unicorn Ornament Hanger

This is a tiny ornament hanger mad ein a shape of a unicorn. This is good for using as a key ring as well.

Felt Unicorn Ornamental Pattern

12. Salt Dough Unicorn Ornaments

This is a truly different type or ornament, made of flour-based materials. Yarns are used for creating the colorful mane.

Salt Dough Unicorn Ornament Tutorial

13. Ring Unicorn Ornaments with Ears

The mason jar ring is transformed into a unicorn ornament with some colorful yarns and a blingy horn. This is an ideal hanging piece.

Unicorn Ornament with Ears

The unicorn rings are good and fun items that all age groups will find interesting to make. Not only for the festive season, but all year round, these crafts are a nice way to spends some quality and creative time.

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