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26+ DIYs to Make a Stocking Holder

Stocking holders or hangers are essential during Christmas. They come entangled with the belief that Santa Clause will fill them up at night to surprise all children on the morning of Christmas. Apart from the over-the-counter holders, there are many ways you can make your own.

DIY Stocking Holder Images

1. DIY Stocking Holder

A tray full of Christmas trinkets and objects is actually working as a stocking holder. You can maximize or minimize the number of the knob, as per your requirement.

DIY Stocking Holder for Home

2. DIY Stocking Holder Stand

The stocking holder stand gives an authentic vibe of Christmas, especially for the “North Pole” write-up. The height of the stand depends on your wish.

DIY Stocking Holder Stand

3. DIY Christmas Stocking Holder Stand

Doesn’t it look nice for a family of three? You can always have some extra hooks ready, for your future extended family!

DIY Christmas Stocking Holder Stand

4. Free Standing Stocking Holder DIY

This is a stocking hanger ladder that can be kept at any corner of a house. You can decorate it with bells, confetti, and balloons.

Free Standing Ladder Stocking Holder DIY

5. DIY Stocking Holder Post

The stocking hanger post is what you need to keep your effort to the minimum and let every kid in your house has a great time finding their own sock.

DIY Stocking Holder Post for Corner

6. DIY Wooden Christmas Stocking Holder

The wooden holder can be placed mounted, either on bookshelves or on any showcase with an open top. Since this is wooden, you have to buy color which can last long on wooden surfaces.

DIY Painted Wooden Christmas Stocking Holder

7. DIY Xmas Stocking Holder

This is all about figurines being used as stocking holders so that the entire thing becomes more relevant to the festive tune of Christmas. The combination of green and red is obviously good and couldn’t be more perfect.

DIY Xmas Stocking Holders

8. Christmas Stocking Holders for Fireplace: DIY

For an ornate fireplace, just keep the stocking hanging from the holder that you keep on top of the fireplace. It is traditional and festive, without a doubt.

Christmas Stocking Holder for Your Fireplace DIY

9. DIY Floor Stocking Holder For a Drawing Room

Floor stacking hanger is good as you can keep them on the ground, near the Christmas tree, or just beside the couch.

DIY Floor Stocking Holder

10. Stocking Holder for Your Mantle

Mantle decoration is another way to secure the position of your stocking, ahead of Christmas. You can hang the stockings according to the age of the children or in a color-coordinated way.

DIY Stocking Holder for Mantle

11. Reindeer Stocking Holder Do It Yourself

Reindeer is another mandatory figurine that your Christmas decoration is incomplete without. Here the tutorial is for a single unit of a holder.

Reindeer Stocking Holder DIY

You can rely on your kids for a glittery decoration of the reindeer. Instead of a hook, you can attach something sturdy to be the holder of the stocking.

Reindeer Stocking Hangers for Xmas

12. Snowman Stocking Holder DIY

The snowman stand is a funny looking stocking hanger as it has an interesting figure that doesn’t have any horizontal width; rather it is vertical and slender.

Snowman Stocking Holder Stand DIY

13. Wall Stocking Holders with Photo Frames

Utilizing the old photo frames has never been as fun as it is with such stocking holders. Instead of any photos, you can attach some small write-ups, related to the mood of the day.

DIY Wall Stocking Holders

14. Candy Cane Stocking Holder: Do It Yourself

Candy can is another thing that is inseparable from Christmas. Follow the tutorial and make one candy cane stocking hanger stand from pieces of wood.

Candy Cane Stocking Holders DIY

15. DIY Picket Fence Stocking Holder for Christmas

The fencing shape is extremely interesting, plus it gives a new décor to your cozy room. If you have little kids, like crawlers, then this might be good for those tiny tots.

DIY Picket Fence Stocking Holder

You may make a smaller version of the fencing stocking holder following the same tutorial.

DIY Stocking Hanger Stand

Same thing with a different coloration!

How to Make a Stocking Holder for Christmas

16. Nativity Stocking Holders: Tutorial

The saga of Jesus’ birth is elaborated in the multiple stocking units. All you have to find is the nativity blocks and then execute the plan, as elaborated in the tutorial.

DIY Nativity Stocking Holders

17. DIY North Pole Stocking Holder: Instruction

The colorful stocking holder is too much of fun to make, especially if you have little hands to help you. Imagination can run wild and free as far as the making of this one is concerned.

DIY North Pole Stocking Holder Stand

18. Pallet Stocking Holder: Tutorial for Making One

The pallet is ideal for hanging or affixing on a wall, rather than placing it on the floor. It can be used as key ring holders at other times of the year.

DIY Pallet Stocking Holder

19. Stocking Holder with a Rustic Look

The rustic stocking holder gives a vintage vibe that you cannot deny at all. You may put pictures of the owner of the stocking, so the little members (who are too young to read their names) of your home do not get confused about which one to pick.

DIY Rustic Stocking Holders

20. Stocking Holder for Heavy Stockings: Do It Yourself

The small chalkboard attached to the holder lets you write the name of your kids in a creative way.

DIY Stocking Holders for Heavy Stockings

21. Stocking Holder for Your Wall

After making this single block of stocking holder, you can use a double-sided tape to attach this to your wall.

DIY Red Stocking Holder for Wall

22. Stocking Holder with Knobs: DIY

Write beautiful messages or motivational something on top of the stocking holder. The knobs could be textured or bi-colored, instead of monochromatic.

DIY Stocking Holder Idea

23. Stocking Holders with Weighted Wooden Block: Do it Yourself

Creating a personalized wooden stocking holder is not a problem anymore if you have an easy tutorial like the one given here.

DIY Weighted Stocking Holders

24. DIY Easy Stocking Holder

The simples of all, this is going to be ideal for the first-timers or who are extremely busy and hardly make it to the point of doing something creative for their household.

DIY Stocking Holders: Easy Tutorial

25. Stocking Hanger for Your Wall

A simple writing will be ideal for this no-fuss stocking hanger. Where you will place it will be your choice.

Easy DIY Stocking Hangers

26. How to Make a Stocking Hanger for Christmas

Who knew tree sticks could be so innovative? Just assemble some hangers and make an amazing and the most unusual stocking hanger ever. You may get an extra gift for incorporating nature, from Santa Clause!

Christmas Stocking Hanger with a Tree Branch

DIY instructions are always given in a way that beginners and pro all can take cues and help from the tutorials. This article, involving various kinds of instruction, is no exception. When the festive season is around the corner, it is better to get your creative spark going.

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