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15+ DIY Birch Wood Log Candle Holders

As most are getting ready for the next round of holiday celebrations, nothing could be better than decking the living space with plenty of candles. With few pieces of birch wood stumps, you can add a major decorative element to your room. Here are some amazing projects to ensure you have the best holiday weekend.

Birch Wood Candle Holder Pictures

1. Handmade Birch Candle Holders

The arrival of seasonal winds is an indication that it’s time to cozy up your space with lots of vintage candles. Have you started hunting for the tiny logs?

Birch Wood Candle Holders

2. Natural Birch Log Candleholders

If you are looking for some quality crafting time, then bring in a couple of birch logs and votives to light up your surroundings.

Birch Candle Holders

3. Real Birch Candle Holders

The best part about using these candles is that you are sticking to something earthy and environment-friendly. Adding some pine cones and glittery ornaments would jazz up the setting for a lovely romantic night indoors.

Birch Log Candle Holders

4. DIY Birch Tree Tea Light Candle Holder

Since most modern homes these days have empty fireplaces, piles of birch logs dotted with ravishing tea light candles might be a unique option for some warm effect.

Birch Log Candle Holders for Fireplace

5. How to Make a Set of Birch Candle Holders

White Birch Candle Holders

6. 3-Piece Birch Candle Holders

Give your home an inviting glow on any occasion with aromatic candles planted inside the birch logs. Paint them white for adding a bit of serenity to your dwelling.

Birch Candle Holders Picture

7. Silver Birch Wooden Heart Candle Holders

Wrap a large strip of birch bark around a small glass jar rather than opting for sturdy logs to glorify your home. Make sure the logs are free of pesky pests before getting them inside the house.

Birch Bark Candle Holder

Create a starry ambiance inside your room by cutting out a star and see the candle flickering through it.

Birch Star Candle Holder

8. DIY Birch Log Tea Light Holders

The perfect Thanksgiving table decoration would be incomplete without any candles. The rustic vibe of the birch wood would surely be an icing on the cake.

Birch Candle Holders for Wedding

9. Birch Log Candle Holders for Christmas

Turn your home into a luminous domain for Christmas. Pinecones, red cherries, and ribbons are some of the other decorative elements to light the festive mood. If you love beading, then insert few wooden beads into a wire and tie it around the holders.

Birch Candle Holders Centerpiece

10. Easy DIY Birch Candle Holders

Birch Candle Holders with Tealight

11. Innovative Birch Bark Votive Candle Holders

Making personalized candles is a way of gifting oneself something special as well as beautifying the interiors. How about picking some aromatic candles from the store today?

Birch Candle Holders with Votive Candle

12. Natural Birch Wood Candle Holders

Create a relaxed atmosphere lighting the stunning candles with a dash of natural scents added for a cozy effect.

Birch Tree Candle Holders

13. Homemade Faux Birch Candle Holders

You can avoid the hassle of peeling barks off the trees by using birch scrapbook paper. Just wrap it around a small glass and place few candlesticks inside. Voila! You now have a decorative centerpiece.

DIY Paper Birch Candle Holders

14. Rustic Birch Candle Holders

The combination of taper candles and timber is an ideal example of ancient-meet-modern art. For the next wedding of a friend, the theme is ready.

Birch Candlestick Holders

Scoop out the interiors of the logs further using a drill bit to make sufficient space for inserting pillar candles.

Birch Wood Pillar Candle Holders

15. Personalized Birch Candle Holders

Apply your woodworking skills to craft a couple of candle holders made from birch branches. With the addition of few more vintage collections, the wedding is sure to rock.

Birch Branch Candle Holders

The woodland style is the talk of the festive season as most are looking for something rustic yet chic. Let us know if you have other ideas up your sleeve to transform the woody beauties into something more stunning and DIY-worthy.

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