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5 Twig Candle Holder Ideas

Putting candles in decorative holders is a common practice amidst all. While there are multiple items for making such candle holders, twigs are easily accessible ones. They lend a vintage and raw appearance, due to their ruggedness.

Twig Candle Holder Pictures

1. How to Make Twig Candle Holders

Assembling some twigs in various shapes is the primary step, if you wish, arrange same sized twigs for a neat look.

Twig Candle Holder

Twig Candle Holder

2. Twig Candle Holder with Ribbons

You are free to tie up ribbons as per your choice around the candle holder. Be it satin, lacy or a rope, it adds sweetness.

Twig Candle Holder Centerpiece

3. Twig Candle Holders for Your Drawing Room

While decorating interior, place such candle holders made of uneven wide twigs on your cabinet. Scented candles or normal votives ones will be ideal for this.

Twig Candle Holders

4. Glitter Twig Candle Holder

A sparkly affair, illuminating your table is good for a candlelit dinner. What could be more romantic than this?

Glitter Twig Candle Holder

5. Twig and Burlap Candle Holder

Wrapping a piece of burlap entails a rustic look, being perfect for your corner table. Be a little imaginative and color your twigs.

Rustic Twig Candle Holder

Twig is becoming a crafty material for many purposes. These lightweight twigs always make the end product just the way you want. On one hand, they have a modish look, on the other, they have a retro get-up.

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