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20 DIY Painted Pine Cones

Different pine cone painting ideas are a great way to jazz up your home. They look pretty and can be great gift items too for the festive season. Be it for your backyard or front yard door or your living room painted pine cones are an innovative way to add a touch of art to your house. Here are some of the best ways to paint your pine cones.

Painted Pine Cones Crafts Picture

1. Beautiful Painted Pine Cones                

With the help of this tutorial, you will know how to paint the tips of pine cones neatly and make a wonderful décor. It’s a fairly easy craft, and you can use acrylic paint here.

Painted Pine Cones

2. How to Paint Pretty Pine Cones

These pine cones painted like flowers will add an extra charm to your house. You can follow the simple steps here to make them. But, you have to prepare your pine cones for painting by ensuring that they are completely dry before you start with your project.

How to Paint Pine Cones

3. Bright Painted Pine Cone Wreath for Your Door

This painted pine cone wreath will is a great idea for a Christmas present. You need around fifty to sixty pine cones for this and a ribbon or a rope to hang it on the door.

Painted Pine Cone Wreath

More pine cone wreaths

4. Easy Pine Cone Painting Process

Dipping pine cones in paint is how you can make your preschooler kid nurture his creativity. It may get a bit messy, but the end result is always great.

Pine Cone Painting

5. Pine Cone with Gold Spray Paint

This tutorial will help you spray paint pine cones gold. You can make a collection of these and decorate your shelves at home.

Gold Spray Painted Pine Cone

6. Fun Painted Pine Cones Craft for Thanksgiving

If you had been thinking about how to paint pine cones, this tutorial would see you through. You don’t need too many ingredients, and it’s also fun when you make your kids indulge in some crafty ideas of their own.

Painted Pine Cone Craft

7. Painting Pine Cones for a Brighter Fall

You can make these red and silver-painted pine cones as they look gorgeous and don’t require a lot of effort on your end. You can make them in a short period by following the steps here.

Painting Pine Cones for Fall

8. Painting Vivid Pine Cones to Look like Zinnias

You will know how to paint your pine cones like zinnia by following these instructions. You will need both spray paint and acrylic paint to finish this craft within an hour. These make great decoration items when you keep them in a wooden container on the center table of your living room.

Painting Pine Cones to Look like Zinnias

9. A Touch of Snow Spray Paint for Decorative Pine Cones

Make your Christmas bright by trying your hands at this and make your pine cones look like snow. The best thing about this particular craft is that it’s affordable. It also doesn’t take long for you make these pretty painted pine cones.

Snow Spray Paint for Pine Cones

10. Tutorial on How to Paint Pine Cone Tips

Learn how to paint pine cones white by dipping them in paint and making these classy gift items. You can hang this beautiful pine cone garland on your mantelpiece to give your house a completely different look.

How to Paint Pine Cone Tips

11. Innovative Idea for Glittered Painted Pine Cones

Decorate your pine cones with glitter and paint to add the snowy touch to your craft. It looks very sophisticated when you hang in on the wall of any room.

Painted Pine Cone Idea

12. White Painted Pine Cones for your Living Room

If it’s Christmas, then special decorations are a part of the celebrations. Paint your pine cones for Christmas and use them to decorate your table. It’s fairly easy because you only have to color the tips.

White Painted Pine Cones

13. Hassle-Free Fall Painted Pine Cones

This tutorial will be your guide on how to paint pine cones for fall. It’s a good idea to decorate your house with some colors during the bland autumn months.

Fall Painted Pine Cones

14. Wonderful Pine Cone Painted Flowers

Make your pine cones look like flowers by coloring them in different colors and use them to decorate your center table. They are cheap and also quite easily made.

Pine Cone Painted Flowers

More pine cone flowers

15. DIY Attractive Spray Paint Pine Cones

Make a completely different Christmas decoration this year. You can paint pine cones in red and white and use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree.

DIY Spray Paint Pine Cones

16. Resplendent Gold Painted Pine Cones

This can be slightly difficult to make so you won’t attain perfection at one go. It also takes a little longer to make than the other pine cone craft ideas.

Gold Painted Pine Cones

17. Hand-Painted Ombre Pine Cone

This is a heart-touching gift idea as it’s handmade and it’s also simple to make. With three different colors of paint, you can make color these pine cones and present them to your dear ones.

Hand-Painted Pine Cone

18. White Paint-Dipped Pine Cones

You can make this lovely garland by following the simple steps here and hang it anywhere in your house. It doesn’t need much time as you can just dip the pine cones in white paint, and you’ll be done.

Paint Dipped Pine Cones

19. Painted Pine Cones for a Lively Christmas

Christmas calls for celebrations and decorations, and you can make these cute pine cone Christmas trees. You can use these as gifts or décor items for your shelves at home.

Painted Pine Cones for Christmas

20. Spray Paint Glitter Pine Cones for a ShinyDrawing Room

This is one of the easiest pine cone crafts which can also be made by kids. You can use these to hang anywhere in your house, and that will lend an attractive edge to the way your room looks.

Spray Paint Glitter Pine Cones

Painted pine cone crafts are a great idea to kick start your Christmas celebrations. You can save a lot of money and make your household a pretty place by embellishing it with various kinds of pine cone decoratives. They are simple to make, and you can use them even after the celebrations are over as they look very pretty.

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