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25+ DIYs to Make Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine cones play an integral part in Christmas decorations. While contemplating on the several interesting crafts, you can make out of them during the festive season, do take into consideration the pretty ornaments that they can be designed into. Besides enhancing the beauty of the Christmas tree, they would also serve as an exciting showpiece within the interiors of your home. Making them is easy, as you could put it up just like that, embellish using ribbons, glitters, and beads, or even paint them in the color of your choice.

Pictures of DIY Pine Cone Ornaments

1. Dipped Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY

You may tie a green or red ribbon at the center of each of the pinecones for a perfect Christmas feel. You could even paint the whole of it, instead of just the tips as shown here.

Pine Cone Ornaments

2. Directions to Make a Pretty Pine Cone Star Ornament for Christmas Tree

For the star that would sit right up on your Christmas tree, you would just need to arrange the pine cones in proper shape and then make it appear bright by adding a paint of your choice. You could attach small red balls to each of the edges.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

3. How to Make Sparkling Pine Cone Ornaments

Silver, white or pearl-colored glitters can be applied to the sides as shown in this given tutorial for an enticing appeal.

How to Make a Pine Cone Ornament

4. Christmas Tree Ornaments Tutorial with Pine Cone and Pom Pom

The colorful pom poms sitting on the pine cone makes it appear all the more beautiful.

Pine Cone Tree Ornaments

For a white pine cone ornament, sprinkle white or silvery paint on it, as shown in the picture below. Tie a red bow to brighten the appearance of the otherwise simple pinecones

White Pine Cone Ornaments

5. DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

The red and white twine brings in a rustic appeal.

Glitter Pine Cone Ornament

6. Christmas Decoration DIY With No Sew Hanging Fabric Pine Cone Ornaments

How to Decorate Pine Cones for Christmas Ornaments

7. Pine Cone Hedgehog Ornament DIY

Hedgehogs symbolize rejuvenation and inspiration; hence, having them as your Christmas tree ornaments would indeed be a noble idea.

Pine Cone Hedgehog Ornaments

8. Pine Cone Snowman Ornament Craft

These cute snowmen would be ideal for decorating your mantelpiece during Christmas. The skiers made using mini popsicle sticks, add charm to the entire presentation.

Pine Cone Snowman Ornament

9. Bleached Pinecones without Bleach DIY

You could create the bleached effect by dipping them in whitewash, as shown here.

Bleached Pine Cone Ornaments

10. Glitter Christmas Ornaments out of Pine Cones for Kids

The glitter adds sheen to the pinecone ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments Made from Pine Cone

11. Homemade Snowy Pine Cone Ornaments for Your X Mas Tree

The sliver sparkles give it a snowy effect. The golden ribbon that it hangs on adds to its gorgeousness to the fullest.

Homemade Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornaments

12. Pine Cone Rudolph Ornament DIY

The red nose created with a large pom pom gives Mr. Rudolph a realistic and authentic look.

Pine Cone Rudolph Ornament

13. DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments with Pine Cone and Felt for Christmas Tree

The felt decorations on the pinecones make the owls look immensely beautiful.

Pine Cone Owl Ornaments

14. Pine Cone Mouse Tutorial

The pink ears, made with foam sheet, the nose, designed using pom-poms and the whiskers with drinking straws, make the mouse look increasingly cute.

Pine Cone Mouse Ornament

15. Pink Pine Cone Ornaments DIY

Pink Pine Cone Ornament

16. Wax Dipped Pine Cone Ornaments DIY

The addition of spices like nutmeg or cinnamon to the wax would provide an aromatic feel. They serve as perfect fireplace starters.

Wax Dipped Pine Cone Ornaments

17. How to Make a Pretty Crochet Pine Cone Ornament

If gifting it to your near and dear ones on Christmas, then crochet it with red, green, or white yarn.

Crochet Pine Cone Ornament

18. DIY Pine Cone Elf Ornaments

The caps made using felt gives the elves a pretty look. Delight your loved ones by tying these cute-looking creatures on the gifts which you have planned for them.

DIY Pine Cone Elf Ornament

19. DIY Pine Cone Angel Ornaments for Kids

The silver pipe cleaner on top gives the impression of a halo. Make the eyes small enough for a sweet expression.

Pine Cone Angel Ornament Craft

20. DIY Snow Covered Silver Pine Cone Ornaments

While using flocking powder to create the snowy effect, you should take enough precautions to avoid any irritation or allergic reactions. If you desire to omit this method, simply glue silver glitters or sparkles on the pine cones for a whitish appearance.

Silver Pine Cone Ornaments

21. How to Make a Big Pine Cone Gold-Tipped Ornament

The big showy ribbon serves as the perfect embellishment to this gorgeous pine cone.

Large Pine Cone Ornament

22. Pinecone Reindeer Christmas Ornaments DIY

Including twigs for the antlers make the reindeer look more realistic.

Pinecone Christmas Ornament

23. Pinecone Ornament DIY with Berries and Ribbons

The plaid ribbons alongside the berries bring in the Christmas fervor to the fullest.

DIY Pinecone Ornaments

24. Fabric Pinecone Ornament Quilted Pattern

The fabric has been wrapped around foam eggs to give the impression of a pinecone.

Fabric Pinecone Ornament Instructions

25. Paper Pinecone Ornaments DIY

Paper Pinecone Ornament

If you have difficulty in gathering the real pine cones, go for glass, plastic, or wooden ones available in the market. However, nothing could beat the rusticity of the original ones. You could take your stint with pinecone crafts forward by designing a lot of other things with it like Christmas tree, wreath, flowers, owls, bird feeders, and a lot more.

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