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21 DIY Wood Valance Building Plans

Wood valances have a classy charm about them and can instantly breathe life into a room. Building and hanging them is quite an easy task. Our tutorials give you the step-by-step with pictures. They can be painted to sport a warm hue that looks bright with the walls as the background. You can have them over the kitchen sink window or the bedroom window or any place in your den that you want to highlight.

Wood Valance Building Plans

1. Wood Valance Instructions

You need to start by making the basic rectangular framework of the valance. The poplar wood valance would look awesome with curtains or vertical blinds.

Wood Valance

2. DIY Wood Window Valance

This lovely wood valance would make your windows pop. The windows are the first things that you notice in a room and the cornice ensures that they are all decked up.

Wood Window Valance

3. DIY Wood Cornice

You can paint your DIY wooden cornice in deep or lighter shades of brown as per your taste. You can use them with curtains or blinds. It is customizable. For example, you can paint a message or your name on it.

Wood Cornice

4. DIY Wood Window Cornice

Wood Window Cornice

5. Wood Cornice Window Valance

The trim and scroll patterns on the wood valance make it look unique. It adds a touch of perfection to your living space. You would be required to give some time for the paint and glue to dry. Otherwise, it is an easy project.

Wood Cornice Valance

6. Make Your Own Wood Valance

Enhance the motion of your window drapes by designing a closed top window valance. The attractive design adds to the beauty of your interior décor. It doesn’t require too many tools and is easy to make.

DIY Wood Valance

7. Unique Wood Valence Idea

The distressed pattern of this window cornice is an attention grabber. They would lend an antique look to a child’s room. You can team them with drop cloth curtains.

Wood Valance Idea

8. Rustic Wood Window Valance

A wood valance over your kitchen window would look appealing. The rustic style of the window treatment would lure you into spending more time in the kitchen.

Rustic Wood Valance

9. White Wood Window Valance with Crown Molding

Give your boring room a dramatic facelift by designing this lovely wood valance. The white window treatment looks serene against the blue backdrop of the wall. You can paint it in any color of your choice, though.

Wood Window Valance with Crown Molding

10. Charming Wood Window Valance Idea

Wood Window Valance Idea

11. How to Make a Valance Out Of Wood

How to Make a Wood Valance

12. Classic Reclaimed Wood Window Valance

Reclaimed Wood Window Valance

13. Farmhouse Wood Valance Tutorial

This wooden cornice would add a touch of rustic charm to your bedroom. You can have them for a little boy’s room. It speaks volumes about your woodworking skills.

Farmhouse Wood Valance

14. Pallet Wood Valance Directions

Pallet Wood Valance

15. Wood Valance Idea over Kitchen Window

Kitchen Window Wood Valance Idea

16. Wood Box Valance for Window

This tutorial offers a beautiful and hip way to decorate your window. Making the box valance or pelmet is quite easy. Just follow the steps of the above-linked article.

Wood Window Box Valance

17. Fine, Decorative Wood Valance Plan

Decorative Wood Valance Plan

18. Pallet Wood Window Valance with a Modern Touch

Modern Pallet Wood Window Valance

19. Cute Fabric Covered Wood Valance

Fabric Covered Wood Valance

20. Simple Valance from Wood Frames

Simple Wood Frame Valance

21. Antique Wood Valance Design Idea

Wood Valance Design Idea

You would cherish the experience of making the wood cornices. It could be a conversation starter with your guests and friends who come visiting. The beauty of the project lies not only in the rustic look of the wood but also in the recycling opportunity that it provides.

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