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25+ Easy No-Sew Valance Tutorials

Valances often play the role of the underdog when it comes to interior decorations. In actuality, choosing the right valance that compliments the tone and shades of your home can have a remarkable impact in making your house look attractive. Moreover, these no sew valances are perfect for anyone who isn’t too gifted in the art of sewing and stitching. Check these ludicrously simple DIYs that you will surely make for your home.

How to Make a No Sew Valance

1. DIY No-Sew Valance

A no sew valance made of a light colored fabric embellished with patterns is the best option to give a sophisticated ambiance to your living room.

No Sew Valance

2. How to Make A No-Sew Window Valance

 You can also make a no sew Styrofoam and fabric valance for a more homely quality at a highly reasonable price. Cut out strips of cloth in any shape and superglue it on the base fabric for beautiful designs.

No Sew Window Valance

3. An Interesting Idea to Make a No-Sew Valance

 They look best when hung against a white background.

No Sew Valance Idea

Rather than parting ways with your old drop cloth make it into an elegant valance to give your home a subtle look.

No Sew Drop Cloth Valance

4. Easy DIY to Make No-Sew Valances

Try out these ethereal white no sew straight valances made effortlessly with thumb tacks that will go with all sorts of backgrounds.

No Sew Valances

5. Tutorial to Make A No-Sew Valance

Use a striped fabric of a neutral color for your no sew drapes. A light gray fabric will go brilliantly with an olive green, white or baby blue wall.

No Sew Valance Tutorial

6. No-Sew Valance Patterns

This no sew box pleat valance is yet another easy to make a pattern that can have a striking impact on anyone who walks into the room.

No Sew Valance Pattern

7. No-Sew Valances for Windows

Instead of wasting old clothes, bed sheets, tablecloths or curtains, turn them into these no sew curtains to give your house a drastic makeover.

No Sew Window Valance Photos

8. How to Make A No-Sew Curtain Valance

A black and white is a classic color combo for a valance and is versatile enough to sit elegantly anywhere- even a bathroom.

Easy No Sew Curtain Valance

9. Instructions to Make a No-Sew Valance

If you find sewing to be a herculean task, scissors and glue or pins can do the trick more than satisfactorily like in the valance shown here.

How to Make a Valance without Sewing

10. Homemade No-Sew Scarf Valance

You can try innovative designs with the scarves like tying it into a cute bow or a flower.

No Sew Scarf Valance

11. DIY No-Sew Burlap Valance

Decorations for windows made with burlap are perfect if you want your home to have a rustic, earthy aura.

DIY No Sew Burlap Valance

12. How to Make a No-Sew Bed Valance

Try out the technique in the directives below to make no sew valances for your beds, cornices, and the like.

No Sew Bed Valance

No Sew Cornice Valance

13. How to Make A No-Sew Balloon Valance for Your Kitchen

Their endearing fluffiness has a highly relaxing and adorable effect.

No Sew Balloon Valance

14. Easy to Make No-Sew Valance

Embellish it further by tying ribbons around it stylishly.

How to Make a Valance without Sewing

15. Easy DIY No-Sew Window Valance

Try making a no sew window valance with strips of silk cloth of any color to get casual looking rag valances like the one below.

How to Make a Window Valance without Sewing

16. How to Make No-Sew Window Treatments

 Choose ivory white drop cloth or khadi cotton material to make your home look strikingly divine.

No Sew Valances Window Treatments

17. Instructions on How to Make No-Sew Box Valance

This one is for windows framed with a box overhead. Check out the instructions to learn how to make them at home in a hassle free manner.

No Sew Box Valance

18. DIY No-Sew Swag Valance

They are very uncomplicated and made with a single cloth which could range from cotton to burlap or even silk.

No Sew Swag Valance

19. Steps to Make A No-Sew Valance with Ribbons

A tie on ribbon valance is so trouble free that you can make it with your eyes closed. It is also the perfect choice if you prefer vibrant and color valances.

No Sew Ribbon Valance

20. No-Sew Roman Valance

A roman valance gives any room a polished and cultured essence.

No Sew Roman Valance

21. No-Sew Ruffled Valance

Valances of a ruffled style are the perfect choice for a baby’s room or for anyone who is still quite young at heart.

No Sew Ruffled Valance

You can also get a little creative and use old satin bed sheets of 2-3 different colors to make waterfall drapes like this one.

No Sew Waterfall Valance

22. No-Sew Tulle Valance

Your upcycled tulle tutu makes for a brilliant valance to grace your kids’ room.

No Sew Tulle Valance

23. No-Sew Triangle Valance

This is undoubtedly the simplest of the lot! Use square napkins or any material of your choice to make these triangular veils to make your house look attractive and quirky.

No Sew Triangle Valance

24. Making a No-Sew Grommet Valance

Learn how to make a valance of any length you prefer with grommets with the help of the step-by-step tutorial given below.

No Sew Grommet Valance

25. How to Make No-Sew Valance Curtains

 Valances of a pleated pattern are perfect if you prefer a business-like, classy look in your home or even in your office.

No Sew valance Curtains


Sprucing up your home décor with no sew window treatments of different colors, styles and fabrics is a very cost-effective as well as a time-saving idea. And thanks to these instructions, making no sew valances for your home is going to be a total breeze from here on out.

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