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34 DIYs to Make a Burlap Banner

Burlap banners suit almost every celebration. They can also convey your regards, feelings, love, and affection in a creative way. The rustic look of burlap makes it an integral part of festive parties. You can cut burlap in a swallow tail shape, squares, rectangles, triangles or circles for the pennants. Then just string them together with yarn or string.

DIY Burlap Banner

1. Making a Burlap Banner

In this tutorial, the flag templates are made out of cardstock and traced on pink felt. Cut the flag along the traced lines. Then cut out burlap in the same shape and iron them on the felt ones. The using the letter stencils on the burlap, attach the pennants together with clothespins and a hemp string.

Burlap Banner

2. Burlap Banner Step By Step

This Happy Birthday banner was done with stencils to print the text on the burlap. After the ink dries, you have to heat it with an iron for setting it nicely. Prior to the printing triangular pieces were cut from burlap and the edges stitched with a contrasting thread.

How to Make a Burlap Banner

3. How to Make a Burlap Banner without Sewing

This love burlap banner is just right for people not comfortable with sewing. It involves cutting the burlap in a round shape with the help of a template, stenciling the letters, painting them and gluing the pennants to a string.

How to Make A No Sew Burlap Banner

4. Burlap Happy Birthday Banner

Here the pendants are first cut out of burlap and stitched at the widest edge. Then “Happy Birthday” letters in fonts of your choice are written in a Word document and printed out. After that, the individual letters are cut out and taped on the pendants. This marks the beginning of the painting part. If you want you can personalize by writing the name of the baby name or birthday boy or girl name on the banner. You can create a “One year” banner on the same lines for a high chair. Children would love cartoon stickers on the pennants.

Burlap Birthday Banner

5. Burlap Banner DIY

In this tutorial the individual pennants are folded at the base by about half an inch and stringed together by jute. Stick pins are used to attach the jute to the folded burlap. You could use the idea for a “Get well” banner.

DIY Burlap Banner

6. How to Make a Burlap Banner for Wedding

Twine is used to weave the square pennants together. Paper and white acrylic paint make the letters stand out. If you want a sophisticated look for your wedding decoration, you can add some white lace.

Burlap Wedding Banner

An engagement party banner can be made by following a similar procedure. Note the difference in the shapes of the pennants. Just string them together light up any engagement party. Once you know the technique you can design banners for bridal showers and as well. “Bride to be”, “She said yes”, “We are two”, “Just married” and “Here comes the bride” banners can be made in the same vein.

Burlap Engagement Banner

7. Thanksgiving Burlap Banner

In this easy banner, felt leaves between the pennants convey the sense of fall. The paper letters are attached to felt rectangles by ironing and heat bonding. Metallic gold thread is used to sew the pennants in place. You might want to opt for decorative stitches around the edges of the letters. Wish “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Give Thanks” in style.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner

8. Burlap Merry Christmas Banner

In this step by step guide, a sheet of freezer paper and burlap of the same size as printer paper is fed into the printer. Prior to that, the freezer paper is laid down on top of the burlap in such a way that it’s shiny side faces downwards and it’s ironed on top to stick to the latter. “Happy Holidays” and “Be merry” could be other messages to put on burlap for the festive season. String it around a Christmas tree or over the fireplace.

Merry Christmas Burlap Banner Image

9. Burlap Pennant Banner DIY

Take a length of jute as long as you want your banner to be. Cut out triangles of burlap fabric, lay the jute at around ½ inch from their bases and put hot glue to stick the jute in place on folding the basal margin.

Burlap Pennant Banner

10. Lace and Burlap Banner

In this DIY, a green trim and lace was added along the margins. Acrylic paint flowers give it a beautiful finish. If you want you can decorate with ribbons, buttons, fabric flowers, etc. They can be used in sending invites to your friends for a special occasion.

Burlap and Lace Banner

11. Love Is Sweet Message on Burlap Banner

You can cut triangular or rectangular pennants out of a burlap sheet. Chalk can be used to trace the shapes before cutting. Then fold the bases by an inch and sew along the top margin. Stitching keeps the burlap banner from fraying. Rest can be read on clicking the above link. The love banner can exhibit either “Love is sweet” or “Falling in love” as the text.

Love Is Sweet Burlap Banner

12. Baby Shower Burlap Banner

Ribbon, burlap, hot glue and Silhouette Heat Transfer are the main ingredients of this project. You would require the Silhouette software for designing the graphics. Cut out the letters from the Heat Transfer and iron them onto the burlap surface. The baby banner is sure to grab a lot of eyeballs. “Little pumpkin” and “Oh baby” would look good on the banner. A “Welcome home” banner suits the occasion of mom returning home with baby.

Burlap Baby Shower Banner

For gender reveal parties, paint bees along with the letters as depicted below to keep the guests guessing. If you don’t like the suspense you might as well write “It’s a boy”, or “It’s a girl”. Decorate with ribbons for a stylish finish. For baby boys paint anchors at the sides of the letters for a nautical theme.

Bee Flag Banner Out Of Burlap

13. Burlap Fall Banner

Here, pinking shears were used to cut triangles out of burlap to prevent the occurrence of frayed ends. Permanent marker gives shape to the letters and a jute twine is woven through the burlap at the base of the triangles to put everything together. You can also wish “Happy fall” if you please.

Fall Burlap Banner

14. Burlap Mr. and Mrs. Banner

The married couple’s chair at a wedding would look gorgeous with this Mr. & Mrs. Burlap banner. The sign adds a rustic elegance to the wedding décor. You can also make “Thank you” banners for holding photos and in thank you cards.

Mr. and Mrs. Burlap Banner

Cut the base of the squares in an inverted V shape and customize the text for a baptism burlap banner. You can make your own cross stencils for this one.

Baptism Burlap Banner

15. Happy Halloween Burlap Banner

Iron on transfers are applied here for printing the text on the burlap. Apart for the common “Happy Halloween”, you can opt for “Trick or Treat” for the banner.

Burlap Halloween Banner

16. Easter Burlap Banner

Fabric letters are heat bonded to burlap for this project. If you want you can buy blank custom burlap banners and design them for Easter, Hanukkah, first communion, etc. The plain banners can be decorated with lace, tulle and ribbons before painting or gluing the letters.

Burlap Easter Banner

17. Burlap Banner Template For DIY

Use this printable template to style a rustic burlap banner to hang on the fireplace. The family would love to chill around it on winter nights. Paint and write on both sides for a reversible burlap banner. Sunflowers in between the letters would stand out bright against the otherwise rustic look.

DIY Burlap Banner Template

18. Make Your Own Burlap Valentine Banner

Spread glitter over chipboard letters and attach them to the surface with Mod Podge for a glitzy effect. The hot glue the letters to the burlap pennants. The messages “Be my Valentine”, “xoxo” or “Be mine” would also look good on the banner.

Burlap Valentine Banner

19. American Burlap Banner Instructions

American Burlap Banner

20. Burlap Bunny Banner Tutorial

Bunnies on your burlap banner would look extremely cute for Easter and Lent. The white pom pom tails add to the lovely looks.

Burlap Bunny Banner

21. 4th of July Patriotic Burlap Banner

Patriotic Burlap Banner

22. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Burlap Banner

St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Banner

23. Burlap Banner For Save the Date

Though the video tutorial instructs you on only making the numerals of the date, you can go a step forward and glue red paper hearts in between the day, month and year. Spread gold glitter over the hearts for adding some sheen to the special day.

Save the Date Burlap Banner

24. Country Burlap Name Banner

Burlap Name Banner

25. Wedding Burlap Bunting Banner

Your wedding reception could be a whale of a time with burlap bunting banners speaking volumes. The desired letter stencils take care of the textual part. A roll of burlap and a sharpie cut out the background for the letters. “Future Mrs.” would suit a wedding shower banner.

Burlap Bunting Banner

26. Cool Burlap Chalkboard Banner

Chalkboard Burlap Banner

27. Burlap Banner Having Apple Design

Apple Burlap Banner

28. Large Pencil Burlap Banner

Pencil Burlap Banner

29. Burlap Baseball Banner

Baseball Burlap Banner

30. Colorful Candy Corn Burlap Banner

Candy Corn Burlap Banner

31. Burlap Banner on Cake

Cake Burlap Banner

32. Burlap Card Banner

Card Burlap Banner

33. Burlap Banner in Watermelon Pattern

Watermelon Burlap Banner

34. Lacy Vintage Burlap Banner

Vintage Burlap Banner

For a get-together, it would be a great idea to hang a “Candy treat” banner over the dessert table. You can also have “Graduation” banners for parties with the square academic cap painted on some of the pennants. “Happy New Year” and “Home Sweet Home” are some other fun suggestions for your DIY banner.

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