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9+ Ideas for Making Burlap Tablecloths

Using burlaps for making upholstery items is all about cutting and sewing the eco-friendly material in a creative way. While there are multiple ways to accomplish that, we have come up with a few tutorials, ranging from basic designs to intricate ones.

Burlap Tablecloth Ideas

1. DIY Burlap Tablecloth

Make your table party-ready with a burlap tablecloth having some beautiful layers. Stitch some laceworks on the border for a striking look. Decorate the table with burlap placements.

Burlap Tablecloth

2. Simple Round Burlap Tablecloth

Measuring the table being the first step requires diligence, but once you are done, it is about time to get a burlap tablecloth like the following one. It could be your centre table or a coffee table, change your regular tablecloths and place this one, once in a while.

Burlap Tablecloth Round

For a bigger table than your usual ones, cut a burlap piece with 90 inches diameter and use that as a tablecloth.

90 Inch Round Burlap Tablecloth

3.Vintage Burlap Tablecloth for Wedding

It is all about a rustic yet traditional appearance that this one would lend. For an in-house or a garden party, your table should be looking special, and what could be the better way than this?

Ruffled Burlap Tablecloth

4. Stylish Burlap Tablecloth Tutorial

A square dining table covered with a burlap tablecloth implies simplicity to a great extent. Moreover, it is always a preferable material.

Square Burlap Tablecloth

Even if you have a centre table in a square shape, this tablecloth would still look suitable.

Rectangle Burlap Tablecloth

Instead of the typical color, you may use a black tablecloth made of burlap for your square table. Place it in a way that the dangling part looks triangle in shape.

Black Burlap Tablecloth

The tutorial remains the same, but results are many! As you can make the beautiful pale blue tablecloth following the same instruction.

Blue Burlap Tablecloth

5. Burlap Tablecloth with Fringes

Fringes at the bottom make a simple piece of burlap even more interesting. A twist in the look is always welcome, isn’t it?

Fringed Burlap Tablecloth

Fringes work in round tablecloths also!

Burlap Tablecloth with Fringe

6. White Burlap Tablecloth

Pristine, classy and elegant, a white ruffled tablecloth with double layers is no less than a satin tablecloth used for wedding and other parties.

White Burlap Tablecloth

Be it July the Fourth, or traditional occasions in your home, follow the same tutorial to make three layers of ruffle.

Burlap Tablecloths for Wedding

7. Burlap Tablecloths with Prints

Adding some prints enhance the chance of quirkiness. So, when it comes to decorating your children’s room, use some craft paint and get crafty.

Burlap Tablecloth DIY

8. How to Make a Burlap Tablecloth

Simplicity is the biggest fashion; imbibe that through a full coverage tablecloth. A brown burlap might be typical yet fashionable.

How to Make a Burlap Tablecloth

Following the same tutorial, make a white tablecloth as it stands out always.

70 Round Burlap Tablecloth

If you want to cover your table vertically then 60 inches burlap tablecloth would be nice.

60 Inch Round Burlap Tablecloth

9. Burlap Lace Tablecloth

Lace adorned burlap tablecloth is always appealing. Place such a table cloth for a cozy look.

Burlap Lace Tablecloth

If there is anything called effortless craft, this is the one, as you have understood how less time consuming is the affair! Start making them as per your convenience.

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