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27+ DIYs to make Bed Frames out of Pallets

Infuse new life into discarded wooden pallets building a strong and sturdy bed frame. Besides the reclaimed look of wood, pallet beds provide a country feel to an otherwise urbanized home. Check out the following tutorials to add the beauty of wood to your room by investing your creativity and woodworking skills.

Bed Frames out of Pallets

1. Self Made Bed Frame from Wood Pallets

The rest of the décor in the room has been kept neutral to match with the natural tone of the wood. It will be useful to those preferring low-lying beds.

Pallet Bed Frame

2. Decorative Pallet Bed Frame How-To

The pallets used in this project have all the hardware intact that gives a dash of sophisticated personality to the bed.

Bed Frame Pallet

3. Upcycled Wood Pallets for Bed Frame

The bed frame sports a cool and trendy look that also guarantees a cozy sleep when you hit the bed after a tiresome day.

Wood Pallet Bed Frame

4. Vintage Pallet Bed Frame

Spare some pieces of pallet wood and gather them to dish out a stunning bed frame with a headboard attached.

Pallet Bed Frame Instructions

5. Improvised Pallet Bed Frame

The sleek bed frame is functional as a bookshelf where you can store latest novels and magazines and pick them without having to move.

DIY Pallet Bed Frame

6. Low Minimalist Pallet Bed Frame

All you need is a handful of supplies to screw the pallets together and recreate your dream bed. What could be a better way to enjoy the winter sleeping on soft mattresses and snuggling under a blanket?

Bed Frame made from Pallets

Transform the bed into a canopy bed by fixing four poles at the corners and dressing them with beautiful drapes.

Pallet Canopy Bed Frame

7. Hardwood Pallet Bed Frame

Floor Pallet Bed Frame

8. Wood Plank Pallet Bed Frame

A bedside table would be the perfect addition to the bed going well with the idea of subtle yet impressive. It could be the best opportunity to utilize your construction skills.

Pallet Bed Frame Plan

9. Bed Frame Made out of Pallets

Here is a fabulous single corner bed for your little girl that will surely save you from expending heaps of money for restructuring.

Twin Pallet Bed Frame

10. How to Construct a Pallet Bed Frame

The bed frame is an example of a shabby chic meet outdoor decor style using weathered pallet wood.

Pallet Bed Frame DIY

11. DIY Bohemian Pallet Bed Frame

The rustic tone of pallet combined with LED lights makes your room look soothing and calm, adding a romantic feel to it.

Pallet Bed Frame with Lights

All you have to do is pile the planks and create a long lasting frame for your bed. You would surely have a good night sleep.

12. Raised Platform Pallet Bed Frame

Pallet Bed Frame Idea

13. Pallet Single Bed made from Pallet

The space beneath the pallets could be utilized to store books so that you can have a cozy read before your bedtime.

How to Make a Bed Frame out of Pallets

14. Pallet Bed Frame with Lights Underneath

Cover the wall above the bed with a cool wallpaper to add an eye-catching backdrop for the glimmering pallet bed.

Wood Pallet Bed Frame with Lights

15. Pallet Wood Bed Frame

How to Make a Pallet Bed Frame

16. Dark Pallet Platform Bed Frame

You can hang colorful paper buntings or Christmas stockings during the festive time to make the bed appear like a fairy-tale rip-off.

Pallet Headboard Bed Frame

17. Pallet Bed Frame Full Size

The bed frame evokes the natural tones letting you breathe the atmosphere within the room. If you are planning to furnish a cottage, take some help from this tutorial.

How to Build a Bed Frame out of Pallets

18. Handmade Industrial Pallet Bed Frame

Apt for small space, the pallet bed can be tucked around a corner of a room or near a window for a comfortable sleep.

Pallet Board Bed Frame

19. Double Pallet Bed Frame

White works impeccably well on the rustic pallet, making an ordinary space more livable, irrespective of the size.

How to Make a Twin Bed Frame out of Pallets

20. DIY Barn Wood Pallet Bed With Drawers

The tall bed frame with boxes solves your storage problems and also gives you a reason not to leave your bed.

Pallet Bed Frame with Storage

21. Simple Stained Pallet Bed Frame

Pallet Family Bed Frame

22. Creative Bed Frame made of Pallets

Pallet Queen Bed Frame

23. Pallet Furniture Bed Frame

Although the tutorial is about queen bed pallet frame, you can adjust the size according to your king-size bed requirements.

Pallet King Bed Frame

24. Old Wood Pallet Bed Frame with Stairs

The tutorial describes the procedure to build a sturdy bunk bed for your pet dogs. However, you can bring in some modification in the shape and size if you are planning for your children.

Pallet Bunk Bed Frame

25. Elevated Pallet Bed Frame for Children

Construct a long-lasting and robust bed for your kiddos. The many beds are ideal for a sleepover night.

Raised Pallet Bed Frame

26. Reused Unique Pallet Bed Frame

Soak up the sun while relaxing on this cozy swing bed and sipping your favorite drink.

Pallet Swing Bed Frame

27. Baby Pallet Bed Frame with Wheels

Stain and paint few repurposed pallet to make a comfortable lounge cum bed for your little munchkins.

Pallet Toddler Bed Frame

The bed frames add a fresh, airy spirit to your bedroom as well as provide a light yet durable base for bed. Having made these elegant pieces from wood will make you a proud environmentalist.

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