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20+ DIY Ideas to Make a Snowman with Pallet and Other Wooden Objects

Christmas is certainly incomplete without a snowman and amongst the whole lot of creative options at hand to make one during the festive season, wood is one of them. Check out the given patterns and tutorials to make a cute and smart snowman with wood pallet, spools, logs ice cream spoons, and any other wooden objects, to grace your indoors or outdoors.

DIY Wooden Pallet Snowman Ideas Picture

1. DIY Wooden Block Snowman

The distressing appearance gives it a rustic look, while the buttons and doll hat makes it look all the more realistic.

Wooden Snowman

By arranging wooden blocks one after the other and decorating them as shown in the tutorial in the given link you could make an advent calendar themed snowman. For the numbers you could stick cardboard or papers, cut into small pieces.

Wooden Snowman Advent Calendar

2. Cute Snowman Christmas Crafts from Blocks of Wood

If making them for your kids write their names on it with a personalized message separately attached.

Wooden Snowman Craft

You could cut the wood into smaller sizes and make pretty ornaments to adorn your large Christmas tree like the ones shown in the picture below.

Wooden Snowman Ornaments Pattern

3. How to Build a Wooden Snowman for Christmas Crafts

Glue beads or buttons for the eyes to make it all the more real.

Wooden Snowman Christmas Craft

After you have made a wooden snowman following the instructions in the above tutorial, you can attach clothespins to it as shown in the image below to convert it into a cool Christmas card holder.

Wooden Snowman Christmas Card Holder

4. Large Wooden Snowman Pattern for Outdoors

This big sized snowman would look wonderful when gracing the center of your garden. You could make faux snow and arrange for lighting.

Wooden Snowman Pattern for Outdoor

Print out templates to get an idea about the shape so that you could make your snowman with ease.

Wooden Snowman Template

5. Free Wooden Snowman Head Pattern

For your center table decoration, a snowman’s head like this one would be an amazing idea.

Wooden Snowman Head Pattern

6. Pretty Christmas Ornament with a Wooden Spool

You can color the snowman in green and red for a Christmas feel.

Wooden Spool Snowman Ornament

7. Wooden Snowman for Christmas Countdown DIY

Your little ones would enjoy moving the clock with every approaching day to Christmas.

Wooden Snowman Christmas Countdown

8. DIY Personalized Wooden Snowman Family

Besides the names you could also write in small messages for each member of your family or stick them separately using chart papers.

Snowman Family Wooden

A wooden Santa can be simultaneously made to stand beside your snowman. The pattern would be the same except for the decorations and shape.

Decorative Wooden Snowman and Santas

9. How to Make Small Wooden Snowman

Small Wooden Snowman

10. Wooden Pallet Pumpkin Snowman Tutorial

If you would not want to work too hard then this reversible snowman would serve the purpose of fall as well as Christmas as one side gives you a pumpkin and the other side a cute snowman.

Wooden Pallet Pumpkin Snowman

11. Handmade Wooden Ice-cream Spoon Snowman for Kids

This is the easiest snowman making process you could try with your tiny tots.

Wooden Ice-cream Spoon Snowman

12. How to Make a Wooden Round Snowman

A wooden sleigh may be built to provide your snowman with a seat.

Round Wooden Snowman

13. DIY Rustic Wooden Snowman Door Hanger

Paint the hat in green and red stripes for a spectacular effect.

Wooden Snowman Door Hanger

14. How to Make a Wooden Snowman out of Logs

To make its nose you may either cut a piece of wood, color it and then paste it like the one shown in the picture below or attach buttons or pom poms if you do not want to work so hard.

How to Make a Wooden Snowman Out of Logs

15. Reversible Wooden Pallet Scarecrow and Snowman

To save time and yet make something unique for every season and occassion something like this would be apt, where a scarecrow sits on one side for fall decoration and a snowman on the other for Christmas décor.

Wooden Pallet Scarecrow and Snowman

16. How to Make a Snowman out of Wooden Pallets

The wooden hanger used for the nose intensifies the cuteness of the snowman.

Pallet Snowman

 17. How to Build a Snowman out of Pallets

You can make different eyes and noses for each of the snowman to give them a separate look.

Snowman Made Out of Pallets

18. Wood Pallet Snowman DIY

If you do not like its rustic look but desire for something brigh, then paint the pallet with any color of your choice. You could go for an alternate color pattern.

Wood Pallet Snowman

19. How to Build a Reversible Pallet Scarecrow and Snowman

Reversible Snowman Scarecrow Pallet

20. DIY Instructions for a Pallet Snowman

You could even attach cotton balls to the other side of the snowflakes to give the impression of snow.

Pallet Snowman DIY Instructions

With a host of creative designs to make a snowman using a pallet and other wooden objects, your Christmas would certainly be all the more fulfilling. Besides a snowman you can also use the similar idea in making Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflakes and other decors for the festive season.

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