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18+ Ways to Make a Snowman Hat

Not every year you would like repeating the same theme for Christmas to deck your home. Right from centerpiece to tree ornaments, making something unique is very DIY enthusiast wish. If you have repurposed tin cans, felt, fabric scarps or simple craft paper, make a classy snowman hat taking help from the following tutorials.

Snowman Hat Pictures

1. Make a Snowman Hat

Decked with wreaths, cherries, and stuffed birds, the snowman hat drops a hint that the merry-making season is just around the corner.

Snowman Hat

2. Snowman Black Hat

You can use a ribbon of any color and design to accentuate the overall look of your tree. How about a gigantic below the hat as shown in the tutorial?

Snowman Hat Tree Topper

3. Build a Snowman Hat

The interesting tutorial is given in a different language. However, you can translate the page and learn how to make the luscious hat for Christmas.

Snowman Top Hat

4. How to Create a Snowman Paper Hat

The striped hat made from scrapbook paper is a digression from the standard themed-hat for Christmas.

Snowman Hat for Craft

Here is an easy template provided to make this hat-making project a success.

Snowman Hat Template Printable

5. Snowman Hat Design

If you have some leftover fleece, use it to design a hat and tuck a flower ribbon around the rim.

How to Make a Snowman Hat

6. How to Make Frosty the Snowman Hat

You can sprinkle synthetic snowflakes over the top of the hat or simply add blobs of white glue to create a wintry effect.

Frosty the Snowman Hat

7. Recycled Snowman Hat

Snowman Hat Ornament

8. Christmas Snowman Hat Centerpiece DIY

Adding all the elements of Xmas to the hat renders a magical effect that spreads throughout the house.

Snowman Hat Centerpiece

9. Snowman Hat for Grape Vine Wreath

Why deck only your Christmas tree? Your front door can be made more attractive with a combination of a wreath and a snowman hat.

Snowman Hat for Wreath

10. Mini Snowman Hats

Here is a tutorial to make a snowman and his hat with Styrofoam balls, paper cup, and cotton balls.

Small Snowman Hats

11. Black Mini Felt Christmas Hat

How to Make a Snowman Hat out of Felt

12. DIY Cardboard Snowman Hat

DIY Snowman Hat

13. Large Cardboard Snowman Hat

How to Make a Cardboard Snowman Hat

14. Snowman Hat Ornament with Popsicle Sticks

Another interesting DIY project you can do with some popsicle sticks to deck your Xmas tree.

Snowman Hat Popsicle Stick

15. Snowman Top Hat Paper Mache Craft

Paper Mache Snowman Hat

16. Primitive Coffee Can Snowman Hat

Keep this ravishing hat at the centre of your dining table to impress all your guests.

Snowman Hat Made from Coffee Can

Download this printable pattern if you are looking for a unique snowman hat design.

Snowman Hat Pattern

17. Miniature Snowman Hat Headband

All the ladies would not mind donning this cool headband cum hat along with their outlandish Halloween costume.

Snowman Hat Headband

18. Snowman Hat Made from Tin Can

Tin Can Snowman Hat

Now that you have a plethora of ideas at your fingertips to make a cool snowman hat, the coming holidays will not be too boring.

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    Your website is amazing. So many easy and affordable crafts to make. I love your DIY snowman hats. Thank you for sharing

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