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25+ Easy and Free Patterns to Make a Men’s Crochet Hat

Crocheting a host of garments for your kit and kin is indeed a pleasure, and when it comes to choosing a gift for your dad, husband or sonny, nothing could be more special than giving them a handmade gift. If the menfolk at home have an increased fondness for hats, then a crochet hat would be an apt present for them. Let us check out the exciting patterns and tutorials to make it.

Men’s Crochet Hat Pattern Pictures

1. DIY Crochet Summer Hat for Men

You can make the brim of the hat with a yarn of any contrasting color for an appealing look.

Mens Crochet Hat

2. Crochet Hat Pattern for Men

Mens Crochet Hat Pattern

3. Free Crochet Men Hat Pattern

The white border surrounding the grey hat makes it look splendid.

Free Mens Crochet Hat Pattern

4. Men’s Bobble Hat with a Pom Pom for Beginners

The round shape with a cute pom pom on top gives this bobble hat a great look.

Mens Crochet Hat Pattern Easy with Pom Pom

5. Crochet Earflap Hat Pattern for Men

Following the tutorial in the link, you can make an earflap hat as shown in the picture. Using two colored wool would give it a unique look. You could also keep the color of the tassel different than the hat, like a white hat with red or green tassle might bring in the Christmas feel.

Free Crochet Mens Earflap Hat Pattern

6. Free Pattern and Instructions for Making a Ribbed Crochet Hat for Men

This chunky hat would not just give a smart look but also be warm enough to keep your loved one safe in the chilling winters. If you plan to surprise your beloved with it for Christmas, then make the hat using red and green wool.

Mens Ribbed Crochet Hat Pattern

7. Cool Grey Crochet Cable Hat for Men

If you desire to give the hat a woven pattern, then the cable stitch would be apt for you.

Mens Cable Crochet Hat Pattern

8. Directions to Make a Crochet Winter Hat for Men

To give your hat a slightly ribbed pattern, this DIY pattern is the one that you must follow.

Mens Winter Hat Crochet Pattern Free

9. How to Crochet a Beanie Hat for Men

If you want a really warm hat, then you need to make it thick enough and use double skeins for this purpose as shown in the video tutorial.

How to Crochet a Mens Beanie Hat Free Pattern

10. Easy and Free Pattern to Crochet a Slouchy Hat for Men

Mens Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern Free for Beginners

11. Interesting Pattern to Make a Crochet Hat and Scarf Set for Men

If you also wish to include a finely designed scarf with the hat, then this tutorial would be perfect for you to follow.

Mens Scarf and Hat Set Crochet Pattern

12. Simple Pattern to Crochet a Striped Beanie Hat

You could even go for a rainbow-colored beanie for which you would need four additional colors of yarn.

Simple Mens Crochet Hat Pattern Free

13. Retro Striped Crochet Hat for Men

The bold colors used in making the hat give it a perfect retro look.

Crochet Mens Striped Hat

14. Camo Crochet Hat Pattern for Men

If your man is fond of the army-styled camo pattern, then this design would be an ideal one. You could also make a pompom with any one of the yarn colors with which you have made the camo design.

Mens Camouflage Crochet Hat Pattern

15. Crochet Bomber Aviator Hat Free Pattern

If your hubby is in the aviation service, then a hat of this pattern would be a perfect gift for him. Follow the link, only change the measurements while making the hat for an adult.

Mens Crochet Aviator Hat Pattern

16. Directions to Crochet a Fedora Beach Hat for Men

For a men’s hat, you can opt for a bolder shade of yarn.

Crochet Mens Fedora Bucket  Hat Pattern

17. Free Pattern to Make a Crochet Santa Hat for Men

This free pattern would help you to make a Santa hat not just for your DH, but also your DD or DS, as well as for yourself.

Crochet Santa Hat Pattern for Men

18. Tunisian Crochet in the Round Pattern

Tunisian Crochet Mens Hat Pattern

19. Crocheting a Mens Hat Using the Crocodile / Alligator Pattern

If you are a pro in crocheting then you can try your hands at the alligator or crocodile stitch for a unique pattern.

Crochet Mens Hat Alligator Stitch

20. Crochet Viking Hat and Beard

On the occasion of Halloween, a crochet Viking hat and beard would be no less perfect a gift for your man. The following tutorial would guide you on how to make a crochet Viking hat like the one shown in the picture. However, you could make a plaited one for yourself too as displayed in the image.

Mens Crochet Viking Hat Pattern

21. Easy Crochet Golf Hat Pattern for Men

Mens Crochet Golf Hat Pattern

22. Crochet Brim Newsboy Hat Free Pattern

Mens Crochet Newsboy Hat Pattern

You can follow the instructions in the tutorial mentioned above, the only difference being the red, yellow, black and green colors to maintain the rasta hat tradition.

Mens Rasta Hat Crochet Pattern

23. Men’s Crochet Plaid Trapper Hat DIY

You can just attach strings instead of the plaid if you feel it is looking too feminine. You would need to increase the measurements too as the given tutorial holds good for kids. Bigger buttons could replace the smaller ones for a macho look.

Men’s Button Flap Trapper Crochet Hat Pattern

24. Free Tutorial to Make a Black Crochet Hat for Men

Mens Black Crochet Hat

25. Free Skull Halloween Hat Pattern for Men

The yellow color of the skull can be replaced with black for a real Halloween effect.

Mens Crochet Skull Hat Pattern

With these brilliant men’s crochet hat patterns in hand, you could get into action and design some amazingly innovative summer or winter hats for your husband, father or any other loved ones.

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