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17 Gnome Hat Patterns

Gnome hats get their inspiration from vintage Christmas decorations, fairy gardens and elicit visions of sugarplums. You can make them easily from paper, posterboard, fleece, felt. The below tutorials show you how. There are knitting, crochet and sewing patterns too. You can make them in little and large sizes.

Gnome Hat Pictures

1. Gnome Hat Tutorial

A hat is an important part of a gnome costume. The above-linked guide requires you to cut and roll the basic shape of the hat before taping it.

Gnome Hat

2. DIY Gnome Hat Pattern

This is a sewn pattern for a gnome hat. Two pieces of felt are cut into the conical hat shape and then sewn together.

Gnome Hat Pattern

3. How to Make a Gnome Hat DIY

This long green cone gnome hat would be an excellent festive table centerpiece and tree topper. It is a quick and cheap DIY and jazzes up your party table.

How to Make a Gnome Hat

4. Pretty Baby Gnome Hat

This beautiful gnome hat is made with kitchener stitch. When you take your baby out with this on, you would be glad to see the appreciation in the eyes of onlookers.

Baby Gnome Hat

5. Garden Gnome Hat DIY

Garden Gnome Hat

6. DIY Felt Gnome Hat with Template

You can make this felt gnome hat with the help of the free printable pattern given below. It is a no-sew gnome hat that can be a part of your Halloween costume.

Gnome Hat Template

7. Slouchy Red Gnome Hat Pattern

Red Gnome Hat

8. Pattern for Fleece Gnome Hat

A red fabric gnome hat would look cute on your child. The flower decoration adds to its looks. You can make it in other colors like purple, pink, yellow, black, white, golden, blue, etc.

Fleece Gnome Hat Pattern

9. Knitting Pattern for Making a Gnome Hat

This scrappy gnome hat pattern knits pretty quickly, in about 4 hours. If you need a knitted gift for tomorrow, why not try this one?

Gnome Hat Knitting Pattern

10. Newborn Baby Gnome Hat Crochet Pattern

This is a gorgeous hat that you can make for your newborn. The free pattern is available for babies from 0-4 years. The hat keeps your tot cozy and warm during winter.

Baby Gnome Hat Crochet Pattern

11. Easy Pattern for Christmas Gnome Hat

Easy Christmas Gnome Hat Pattern

12. Cool Gnome Stocking Hat for Adults

This free knitting pattern can be made in 4 sizes, from toddlers to adults. If you don’t like the wide stripes, you can make them narrower. Add a pom pom if you want. You can also make a sock hat if you so wish.

Gnome Stocking Hat for Adults

13. Homemade Halloween Gnome Hat

Halloween Gnome Hat

14. Adorable Gnome Hat from Posterboard

Gnome Hat Out Of Posterboard

15. Loom Knit Gnome Hat Instructions

Loom Knit Gnome Hat

16. Scandinavian Gnome Hat Pattern for Sewing

Scandinavian Gnome Hat Pattern

17. Construction Paper Gnome Hat

Gnome Hat Out Of Construction Paper

Authentic lawn gnome hats can make great costumes for Halloween and Xmas. Just try out any of the above patterns and you would be happy with how it turns out. Babies would look adorable in them. Adults can wear them to parties.

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