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15+ Snowman Christmas Tree DIY Decorations and Ideas

Have you ever thought of decorating your Christmas tree in a way that it resembles a snowman? It gets the snowy, wintery feel bang on. Also, it keeps people guessing if it’s a Christmas tree or a snowman. The super cute looks of the completed tree come as a plus.

DIY Snowman Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Snowmen Made Out Of White Christmas Trees

You would need a white Christmas tree, snowman head, twigs for the arms, hat, black Christmas ornaments for the buttons and a scarf for this project. For the detailed DIY click on the link above.

Awesome Snowman Christmas Trees

2. Snowman White Christmas Tree

You would need a pre-lit white Christmas tree for this snowman. His head is made with a foam ball, buttons and straight pins.

White Christmas Tree Snowman

3. How to Make a Christmas Tree Snowman Decoration

The boots laid in front of the tree trunk lend a realistic appeal to the snowman Christmas tree. Its nose is made by wrapping an orange felt sheet into a cone.

Christmas Tree Snowman

4. White Christmas Tree Snowman Directions

How to Make a Snowman Christmas Tree

5. Make a Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration

Instead of hanging random ornaments on your Christmas tree, you can deck it up in the snowman theme to make it unique. Layers of white fluff make it look adorable.

DIY Snowman Christmas Tree

6. Christmas Tree Snowman Idea

This DIY involves wrapping white garland around the entire length of the tree and putting a snowman head tree topper at its apex. You can decorate with a few snowman accessories like buttons and scarves. You can also put ice skates in front of the trunk for making it look cool.

Snowman Christmas Tree Idea

7. Cute Frosty the Snowman Christmas Tree

The hat of this snowman Christmas tree is made uniquely by using a charger plate and a bucket. The objects were spray-painted in black and hot glued together.

Frosty the Snowman Christmas Tree

You can make this snowman Christmas tree by using a snowman head as the tree topper. You can see in the picture that the snowman comprises of a basic green tree that has been wrapped with a white ribbon. It eliminates the need for a white tree.

Snowman Christmas Tree Decorations

8. Snowman Christmas Tree In White

White Snowman Christmas Tree

9. Adorable Snowman Themed Christmas Tree

Snowman Themed Christmas Tree

10. Christmas Tree Decorated Like Frosty Snowman

You can make this one out of a green Christmas tree with colored lights or just use a plain white tree decorated with white fairy lights for a Frosty the Snowman look.

Frosty Snowman Christmas Tree

If you want, you can use a wider tree for this. The lights give it a dramatic effect at night. You can add a spade to make it look realistic.

White Christmas Tree That Looks Like A Snowman

11. Christmas Tree in Snowman Theme

Snowman Christmas Tree Theme

12. Fun White Christmas Tree Snowman Idea

White Christmas Tree Idea for Snowman

13. Snowman Decorated Christmas Tree

Decorated Snowman Christmas Tree

14. How to Decorate a White Snowman Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree Decorated As A Snowman

15. Snowman Christmas Tree Tutorial

Snowman Christmas Tree DIY

You will find that many of the tutorials above instruct you to use snowman head tree toppers. If you don’t want to buy one, you can easily make one yourself with a Styrofoam ball that has a stick coming out of its bottom to fix it to the tree. You can draw the eyes and the mouth with a marker pen or just glue buttons at the appropriate places. The nose can be made by rolling an orange paper into a cone.

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