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How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas Tree: 20+ Decorating Ideas

There are many who don’t really need any tutorial to learn the art of putting ribbon on a Christmas tree. While you can hang it in any random way that adds to the looks of your tree, it would be great if you could have some pointers on creating a specific design.

Ribbon Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Picture

1. Ribbon Wrapped Christmas Tree

This fun tutorial starts by tucking in the end piece of a ribbon into the back of a tree and slowly working around it. Some people find it easy to wrap it clockwise around the tree. You can do it in any way that suits you.

Christmas Tree Ribbon

2. Putting Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

This decoration idea can be executed pretty fast, thanks to the uncomplicated way of weaving it on a tree. You first need to cut a ribbon to 18-inch width. If you want, you can staple two ribbons together for a designer look.

How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

3. Christmas Tree Decorated With Gold Ribbon

This elegant Christmas tree is decorated with a wired ribbon. The advantage of using this type of ribbon is that you can bend and shape it in any way you want.

Decorating Christmas Tree With Ribbon

4. Decorating Idea for Christmas Tree With Ribbon

The criss-cross style of ribbon gives a voluminous look to a Christmas tree by lending it a densely decorated, lavish appearance.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Ribbon

5. Idea for Putting Ribbon on Christmas Tree

Pack in some drama by draping the ribbon vertically on your Christmas tree. Give the tree an attractive, liquid look by using a black satin ribbon.

Christmas Tree Ribbon Idea

6. Placing a Ribbon Garland on a Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ribbon Garland

7. Decorating Christmas Tree With Ribbon Vertically

This large Xmas tree is made in a spiral shape and hung from the top. Note that large trees require wide ribbons while smaller ones can be trimmed with thinner ones.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Ribbon Vertically

8. Adding Mesh Ribbon to Christmas Tree

The author of the below DIY advises you to put the lights on before wrapping the tree with mesh ribbon. Though you might find it too wide and a tad hard to work with, you will gradually get the hang of it.

Putting Mesh Ribbon On A Christmas Tree

9. Idea for Using Ribbon on Christmas Tree

Prep your Xmas tree by fluffing it up. Then start with cutting your ribbons and tucking them in. The author finds a 4” ribbon with wired edges suitable, but you are free to find a width that suits your tree.

Christmas Tree With Ribbon Decorating Idea

10. Wrapping Ribbon around Christmas Tree

For this idea, you have to start from the top and wrap a thick deco mesh ribbon around the tree. It gives a full, look to your tree. You would have to add your ornaments in between the mesh layers.

Wrap Ribbon around a Christmas Tree

11. Gold and Red Burlap Ribbon on Christmas Tree

The loops of red and gold burlap ribbon look beautiful on a tree. Two different lengths of the ribbon were used to create a rustic but glam look.

Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree

12. Using Ribbon to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

13. Christmas Tree with Ribbon Hanging Down

Hang Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

14. Criss Cross Christmas Tree Ribbon

Criss Cross Ribbon Christmas Tree

15. Adding Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

Adding Ribbon to Christmas Tree

16. Weaving a Ribbon through a Christmas Tree

Attaching tinsel ties and deco mesh is a simple way to deck up your tree. In this unique style, the ribbon is tied from the top down.

Place Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

White or cream tulle ribbon would also look good when styled in this way.

Christmas Tree Tulle Ribbon

17. Cascading White Sinamay Ribbon for Christmas Tree

White Sinamay Cascading Ribbon Christmas Tree

18. Elegant Champagne Christmas Tree Ribbon

Elegant Christmas Tree Ribbon

19. Trimming Christmas Tree With Ribbon

Thick ribbon can be used to cover a tree to the maximum. You can use ribbons of various colors and patterns to glam up the decorations.

Ribbon Trim on Christmas Tree

Tartan plaid ribbons give a unique country feel to the tree. You can keep the round horizontal drapes close to each other for a dense look.

Plaid Christmas Tree Ribbon

20. Decorating Christmas Tree With Silver Mesh Ribbon

Silver Mesh Ribbon on Christmas Tree

You would have a whale of a time decorating your Christmas tree with ribbons. You would find it easy with the videos, written instructions and images as guides. Once you have an idea of the different ways of weaving it through your tree, you can customize here and there as per your choice. Just play around with the different colors, be it burgundy, turquoise, brown or bronze. The festive season would have your guests congratulating you on your craft skills.

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