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17 Handprint Christmas Tree Tutorials

A handprint Christmas tree can be a great art and craft activity for children. If you are doing an art project, you need to put green paint on your palm and put its impression on canvas. If it is a part of a craft project, you can cut out the outline of your hand and glue it to a bulletin board, card, etc.

Pictures of Handprint Tree Christmas

1. Green Handprint Christmas Trees

These lovely handprint Christmas trees would be a great keepsake gift that kids can give to their grandparents and other family members. The rhinestones make them attractive to youngsters.

Handprint Christmas Trees

2. Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

You can use this handmade tree as a part of your home decoration for Christmas. Your child’s hand is painted in green and pressed on canvas for this art. The brown trunk and yellow star are hand painted.

Christmas Tree Craft Handprints

3. Christmas Tree Craft Using Handprints on Canvas

You would need to scroll down the above-linked web page a bit to arrive at the tutorial for the Christmas tree craft. Here a combination of the handprints of two different children has been used.

Christmas Tree Handprint Craft On Canvas

4. Cool Christmas Tree Made Out of Family Handprints

Two shades of green make this handprint Christmas tree look enviable. You need to trace a child’s hand on scrapbook paper and cut it out for making the tree.

Christmas Tree Made Out Of Family Handprints

5. Christmas Tree Made Of Handprints on Bulletin Board

You can hang this X-mas tree on the bulletin board of the classroom. For this, you just need to cut a triangular piece of white paper and take children’s handprint on it. The different handprint sizes make it look unique.

Handprint Christmas Tree on Bulletin Board

6. Handprint Christmas Tree Painting

Apart from the handprints themselves, the ornaments are an added attraction of this art form. They are made by dipping children’s fingers in paint and putting the impression on the body of the homemade tree.

Christmas Tree Handprint Painting

7. Christmas Tree Handprint Art

This handprints with the fingers pointing downwards differentiate this X-mas tree from the others enlisted here. A paper rectangle for the trunk and yellow star at the tip act as embellishments.

Handprint Christmas Tree Art

8. Christmas Tree with Photos Made From Handprints

Here, little hands are traced on green construction paper and cut out before gluing them to a poster board in the form of a tree. The family photo decoration gives it a personalized look.

Christmas Tree Made From Handprints

9. Nice Christmas Tree Handprint Decoration

Handprint Christmas Tree Decoration

10. Creative Handprint Christmas Tree T-shirt

Handprint Christmas Tree T-shirt

11. Christmas Tree Made With Baby Handprints

Baby Handprint Christmas Tree

12. Fun Christmas Tree Handprint Idea

Christmas Tree Handprint Idea

13. Make a Simple Christmas Tree Card with Handprints

Handprint Christmas Tree Card

14. Handprint Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Display

Handprint Christmas Tree Display

15. Kid’s Handprint Christmas Tree with Button Ornaments

Kid’s Handprint Christmas Tree

16. Toddler Painted Christmas Tree Craft With Handprints

Toddler Painted Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

17. Handprint Xmas Tree

Xmas Tree Handprint

The project would keep little ones engaged for hours. Though it might get a little messy, the end result would be worth it. Note that the number of handprints in a row keeps decreasing as you go up the tree. You can embellish it with painted fingerprints, ribbons, lace, rhinestones, etc. You would be glad about the efforts once the project is completed.

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