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12 Ways of Making Handprint Flowers

Handprint flowers can be made easily by toddlers, babies, preschoolers and older kids. It would be fun to involve children in the art and craft project and they would be super excited to participate in the activity. It is super easy and quick and can be made into awesome gifts. Just be a bit careful with the paint, or it might get messy.

Handprint Flower Pictures

1. Flowers Made From Handprints

Sample this picture of handprint sunflowers. Aren’t they awesome? You can make it by painting a kid’s palm black and his fingers yellow.

Handprint Flowers

2. Handprint Flower Kids Craft

A combination of handprints and footprints make this DIY project unique. Just place a child’s hand on colored construction paper, trace along the edges and cut out.

Handprint Flower Craft

3. Flower Art Made With Handprints

Choose your favorite colors to make this cute handprint flower. You can do this as a group activity. Make it on canvas for a wonderful grandparents’ gift.

Flower Handprint Art

4. Flower Handprint Craft for Preschool

Handprint Flower Craft Preschool

5. Handprint Art Flowers For Toddlers

Handprint Flower Art for Toddlers

6. Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers

Mother’s Day Flower Handprints

7. Tutorial for Making Handprint Flowers

Handprints, as well as footprints, go into the making of these lovely flowers. You can use them to adorn bulletin boards, canvas and other items of display. You can use them to design a card for your mom on Mother’s Day.

How to Make Handprint Flowers

8. Bouquet of Baby Handprint Flowers

This beautiful bouquet of red handprint flowers representing roses can be used on Valentine’s Day cards. The great idea would easily win over your beloved.

Baby Handprint Flowers

9. Colorful Handprint Flower Tote Bag

You need just a canvas tote and some paint for making this fab arm candy. It looks dapper and is useful at the same time.

Handprint Flower Tote Bag

10. Mother’s Day Flower Handprint Card

Just scroll down a bit to reach that part of the above-linked pots that talks about making flowers out of children’s handprints. You can use them on a Mother’s Day card. You can either paint stems of the flowers below the handprints or a sketch just a few leaves.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Card

11. Kid’s Handprint Paper Flowers

Handprint Paper Flowers for Kids

12. Chic Painted Handprint Spring Flowers

Painted Handprint Spring Flowers

The flowers made out of handprints can be decorated with ribbons, glitter and beads. The stems of the flowers are mainly painted by hand. You can also make them out of green pipe cleaners if you wish. If you are making them for a Mother’s Day card, choose colors that are your mom’s favorite. It would bring a smile to her face. The vivid pictures would serve as your motivation.

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