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42 Free Patterns to Make Crochet Flowers

Those who are obsessed with crocheting love to implement it in making everything under the sun, starting from coasters to gloves, table runners to headbands. When it comes to creating colorful flowers, those designed through crochet, look cute and adorable, often used as a pattern on blankets, dresses, headbands, or anything else. They may even be designed to grace the flower vase or present as a bouquet. The free patterns below would give a clear insight into how to make crochet flowers.

Crochet Flowers Patterns

1. DIY Crochet Puff Flowers

Slip stitch, double crochet, and double treble go into making these fantastic puff flowers. Adding small buttons at the center would intensify their appeal.

Crochet Flowers

2. Easy Crochet Flower Pattern

The use of worsted weight yarn gives them a light, fluffy texture.

Crochet Flower Pattern

3. How to Crochet a Five Petalled Flower

The contrasting colors add to their charm.

How to Crochet a Flower

4. Free Crochet Tulip Flower Pattern

Free Crochet Flower Pattern

5. How to Make a Crochet Flower for Hat

These small, delicate flowers would look lovely when stitched on a hat or beanie.

Crochet Flower for Hat

6. Tutorial to Make Easy Crochet Flowers

The tiny bead at the center makes it look even more gorgeous.

How to Make Easy Crochet Flowers

7. Tutorial to Make a Crochet Flower Blanket For a Newborn

You could also crochet the initial of your baby at one corner for a personalized touch.

Crochet Flower Blanket

8. Easy Directions to Make Colorful Crochet Flowers

If you are a pro in crocheting, then this pattern would be a cakewalk for you. These flowers would serve as great ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Easy Crochet Flower

9. Free Pattern to Make a Crochet Hexagon African Flower

The hexagonal pattern enhances its sophistication.

African Flower Crochet

10. Step by Step Tutorial to Make Lace Crochet Flowers

How to Make Crochet Flowers

11. Small Crochet Flower Free Pattern for Beginners

You could even attach a green stalk to the flowers if you are planning to include it as a part of your card or scrapbook decoration.  

Small Crochet Flower Pattern

12. Tutorial to Make a Stunning Crochet Flower

The arrangement of the petals is such that one overlaps the other, creating a 3D effect.

Crochet Flower Tutorial

13. Crochet Flower Headband for Infant

Crochet Flower Headband

14. How to Crochet a Small and Pretty Flower

How to Crochet a Small Flower

15. How to Crochet a 3 Layer Flower

While decorating your Christmas tree, you could use these flowers as ornaments or even make them in green, white, and red to bring in the festive fervor.

3 Layer Crochet Flower

16. Crochet Flower Stitch Pattern

With the help of a chain, slip, double crochet, and treble pattern, you can make this flower stitch. Such a design would be apt for creating a warm blanket.

Crochet Flower Stitch

17. Tutorial to Crochet a Puff Flower

Crochet Puff Flower

18. 3D Crochet Rose Applique Pattern

These beautiful roses could serve as an applique on a blanket or even a table runner.

Crochet Applique Flower

19. Tutorial to Crochet a Granny Square with a Flower at the Center

The big flowers appliqued on granny squares appear merely incredible.

Crochet Flower Granny Square

20. Free Pattern to Make a 3D Crochet Flower

3D Crochet Flower

21. DIYCrochet Flower Scarf

If gifting it to someone for Christmas, then a red scarf with a white flower would be a perfect combination.

Crochet Flower Scarf

22. Crochet African Flower Motif DIY

The flower motif on the granny squares enhances its chic look.

Crochet African Flower Motif

23. Flat Crochet Flowers DIY

This flat crochet flower would look fantastic when appliqued on a blanket.

Crochet Flat Flower Pattern

24. Crochet Puff Flower Pillow Pattern

The bunch of flowers stitched on the white pillow looks exceptionally fabulous.

Crochet Flower Pillow

25. Crochet Flower Table Runner Free Pattern

Crochet Flower Table Runner Pattern

26. Free Pattern to Make Crochet Flower with Leaves

Though the leaves may be tedious to make, it gives the flower a complete look.

Crochet Flowers and Leaves

27. How to Make a Crochet Poinsettia Flower Free Pattern

This crochet poinsettia flower could be a part of your Christmas decorations.

Crochet Poinsettia Flower Pattern

28. How to Make a Crochet Pointy Flower

You could design a pretty broach with this five-petalled flower like the one shown here.

Crochet Pointy Flower

29. Free Pattern to Make a Crochet Poppy Flower

These crochet poppy flowers would make for pretty broaches to wear on the occasion of Remembrance Day, which falls on 11th November every year.

Crochet Poppy Flower Pattern Free

30. Crochet Double Layer Flower Tutorial

If you are planning a beach-themed party, then these blue flowers could serve as a part of your decor or even be made into a broach or ring for the occasion.

Crochet Double Layer Flower

31. Single Rose Filet Crochet Free Pattern

Filet Crochet Flower Pattern

32. How to Make a Crochet Flower for an Ear Warmer

If making the ear warmer for an infant, then a big-sized flower would look appealing.

Free Crochet Pattern For Ear Warmers With A Flower

33. Tutorial to Crochet a Pretty Flower Bookmark

How to Crochet a Flower Bookmark

34. Join As You Go Crochet Flower Pattern

Joining one granny square to the other helps to create a unique pattern.

Join As You Go Crochet Flowers

35. Crochet Flower Pattern Made with Popcorn Stitch

This crochet flower made in combination with popcorn and slip stitch would be an excellent decoration idea for pillows.

Popcorn Flower Crochet

36. Blooming Crochet Flower Cushion DIY

By making fifteen petals in total, you could create this magnificent crochet cushion.

Blooming Flower Crochet Pattern

37. How to Make Crochet Button Flowers

If you want an easier way out, you could glue the buttons or even beads on the flower.

Crochet Button Flowers

38. Crochet CandyFlower Coasters Free Pattern

The bright colors outlining the flowers alongside the white circular pattern within give it a serene appearance.

Crochet Flower Coaster Pattern Free

39. Crochet Flower Ring Tutorial

You could make a red flower if gifting it on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Crochet Flower Ring

40. DIY to Crochet a Six Petal Flower

Crochet Six Petal Flower

41. How to Make a Beautiful Clutch with Crochet Flowers

If stitching so many flowers seems a hassle, then decorate the bag with one of two big flowers.

Flower Bag Crochet

42. Instructions to Crochet a Flower Bouquet

Crochet Flower Bouquet

These pretty flowers, large medium or small, with or without leaves and stems, could grace on a whole lot of stuff like a sweater, scarves, socks, and much more. The color would change by the festivity and occasion.

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